Epic Games have removed the Kinetic Blade from Fortnite, announcing it will not return in Chapter 4 Season 2.

The Kinetic Blade was a melee weapon, but many players utilized it for its mobility features. By using the Dash Attack, players could travel further distances quicker.

Removing this sword will undoubtedly be a significant change for gamers, but you may wonder why the developers vaulted this item. Here is your answer!

Why Was the Kinetic Blade Vaulted in Fortnite?

The Kinetic Blade was removed from Fortnite due to an exploit that let players get easy kills with the sword.

Players were able to get eliminations without the enemy player seeing them move. This involved the user temporarily disconnecting their WIFI, dealing as much damage to kill the enemy, and then turning it back on.

Once the blade holder restores the connection, the game would still count the damage dealt, instantly killing the player. This left the opponent confused and believing they had come up against a hacker.

You can view the whole glitch here:

While the Kinetic Blade was an excellent means of traversing the map, the Spider-Man Web Shooters are even better. Make sure you know how to get this web-slinging item.

Will the Kinetic Blade Return in Fortnite?

The Kinetic Blade may return at some point but will not be back in the current Fortnite season.

The developers confirmed on Twitter that the sword will be vaulted for the remainder of Chapter 4 Season 2.

Since the Fortnite developers removed the Kinetic Blade due to an exploit, they must fix the current issue before it can return.

The blade will not return until at least Season 3 at the earliest, and Chapter 4 Season 3’s theme has already leaked!

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