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Why Buy Back Solos is Better Than Solo Battle Royale in Warzone

Buy Back Solos is Warzone’s best mode for players who prefer to fight alone.

Battle Royale Solos was removed from Warzone in the Season 1 Reloaded update, which added loads of new content. However, it has been replaced by a game mode that many players prefer.

Buy Back Solos is a variant of the standard Battle Royale game mode in Warzone but with no Gulag. Instead of the Gulag, players who have $4500 when they die will automatically respawn.

This game mode suits solos perfectly for a number of reasons.

Warzone Buy Back Solos

Why Buy Back Solos is Better

Fast-Paced Matches

The main reason why many players don’t play solos in Warzone is because of the slow pace. Many players camp or hide until the final circles.

Some players might even be hiding in the trees above you.

On the other hand, Buy Back Solos allows for Warzone players to be more aggressive and this creates a much faster game. Players feel a sense of security and play more aggressively when they have that $4500 safety net.

This can make for much more exciting gameplay than the regular solos experience. This is especially true as players can respawn an unlimited amount of times, as long as they have the money.

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No Gulag

No Gulag is a good thing for quite a number of players. Many people do not enjoy the new Gulag as much as the old one.

Warzone’s Buy Back Solos bypasses the Gulag altogether and could be the perfect game mode for players who don’t like the Gulag.

Not to mention that this Gulag is unfair as the side with the wooden board and car is a much stronger position to start in. Playing Buy Back Solos means you’ll never be stuck on the bad side of the Gulag and you can just respawn hassle-free.

If you’re thinking of dropping into Warzone’s Verdansk for some Buy Back Solos, make sure you’ve got the right weapons. Use the best loadout in Warzone to win more games.

Also, check that you’re using the right attachments. JGOD has revealed the biggest loadout mistake players make in Warzone.

Meanwhile, Warzone still has a huge problem with cheating. These audacious players were live streaming cheats and bragging about it.

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