When it comes to football, Brazil is one of the most famous nations of all time; after all, they have won the most World Cups – but why are they not in FC 24?

FC 24 fans who load up kick-off and are hoping to play with international sides will notice the glaring omission of the Seleção, the Portuguese name for the national side.

This, of course, will be a big disappointment. The South American nation has many famous football players, including Neymar, but you will only be able to use him for his club. Here is why.

Why Brazil Are Not In FC 24

Brazil is not in FC 24 as EA Sports does not have a license for the national team. This includes not being able to use their kits and badge within the game.

In FIFA 23, EA Sports did have the license for the kits and badge but were unable to put the actual players in the squad. This team only featured AI-generated and fictional players.

Luckily for fans, players such as Neymar and Vinicius Jr are still playable in FC 24, but they can only be used in Kick-Off if you use their respective clubs.

They are also available across all of the other modes, such as Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Brazil in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Will Brazil Be Coming to FC 24?

At this moment, it appears unlikely that Brazil will come to FC 24 as this would require EA Sports to strike a licensing deal with the Brazilian FA.

In FIFA 23, they were able to work around this and add the authentic national side due to their partnership with FIFA for the World Cup update.

Only time will tell if they come to FC 24, but we won’t hold out hope at the moment. For now, you will have to enjoy their players by using their club or buying their items on Ultimate Team.

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