Since Valeria Garza’s debut as the leader of the infamous Las Almas cartel in the MW2 campaign, fans have been captivated by her.

Now, players of Modern Warfare 2 have the opportunity actually to step into her shoes and play as her! She’s been introduced as an operator in MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 3.

With Valeria’s popularity skyrocketing, it’s only natural for gamers to be curious about the talented individual who brings this cartel leader to life through their voice and motion capture.

Who Portrays Valeria in MW2?

María Elisa Camargo lends her voice to the character Valeria Garza in MW2. Camargo also provided facial and motion capture for the role.

Her talent and performance contribute to the character’s vocal portrayal and significantly influence Valeria’s physical depiction.

The appearance of Camargo serves as the primary inspiration for the modeling and visual representation of the Valeria character.

The Valeria operator is only available by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass. If you spend the money and unlock her, set her as your showcase operator to show off to your friends!

Valeria and Maria here MW2 actress

Who Is María Elisa Camargo?

María Elisa Camargo is an Ecuadorian actress who was born in Guayaquill, Ecuador on July 11, 1986,

She first appeared on television on El Factor X in 2005, the Colombian version of the popular music reality show The X Factor.

However, her acting career began when she moved to Mexico and landed multiple primetime TV roles. Her performance as Valeria in MW2 marked her first major predominantly English-speaking role.

The South American actively showcases behind-the-scenes footage of her work as the cartel leader on her Instagram.

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