Deaf actor Keivonn Woodard is playing Sam, Henry’s younger brother in The Last of Us.

The up-and-coming actor has previously featured in Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story and has landed the lead role in Fractal, an upcoming short film.

His role as Sam is definitely Keivonn Woodard’s biggest role yet, and it’s bringing a lot of attention to the young actor.

Notably, Sam in The Last of Us game is hearing, but the HBO adaptation’s casting allowed for a Deaf actor to take on the role.

Another notable change made in the show is a reduction in Sam’s age. In The Last of Us game, Sam is 13 years old, yet Woodard is currently 9.

Sam in The Last of Us TV Show

Who is Keivonn Woodard From The Last of Us?

Keivonn Woodard is a young Deaf actor who has previously starred in Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story and is set to play the lead role in Fractal, an upcoming short film from ‘The Boys’ writer and award-winning actor, Anslem Richardson.

According to The Daily Moth, a news organization that covers deaf news and news in American Sign Language, Woodard might be the first young, Black, Deaf actor cast in a TV series by a major studio.

Keivonn Woodard is joining the absolutely star-studded cast of The Last of Us, which features all manners of famous sitcom actors, prestigious sci-fi stars, and rising talent.

Alongside acting, Keivonn Woodard aspires to be a professional hockey player, currently playing for the Bowie Hockey Club 10U team.

Lamar Johnson as Henry talking to Sam in The Last of Us TV show

Who Is Sam in The Last of Us?

Sam is the younger brother of Henry, the two siblings being survivors from Hartford, Connecticut.

Fleeing from the Hartford QZ, Sam, Henry and a group of survivors were heading to Pittsburgh to find supplies. On the way, the group finds themselves ambushed by Hunters.

When hiding out, Sam and Henry encounter Joel and Ellie, with their first encounter being something of a rocky one.

We’ll be getting into spoilers in the next section, so don’t read any further unless you’re ready to learn what happens to Sam in The Last of Us game.

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Sam Keivonn Woodard The Last of Us

What Happens to Sam in The Last of Us?

Tragically, Sam is killed by his brother Henry after the younger sibling becomes infected during the events of The Last of Us.

After his younger brother is bitten by a member of the infected, Henry is forced to shoot him in the head, to avoid Joel and Ellie coming to harm.

Henry then takes his own life in another tragic suicide caused by grief.

It’s definitely up there as one of the saddest deaths in The Last of Us, and works to emphasize even further just how bleak the situation will forever be if Joel and Ellie’s mission is unsuccessful.

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  • Seeds of Hope: The Andrew Jackson Foster Story (Film) 2018 – Deaf Student
  • The Last of Us (TV Series) 2023 – Sam (2 Episodes)
  • Fractal (Short) Upcoming – Tamir

FAQs About Keivonn Woodard

How Old Is Keivonn Woodard?

Keivonn Woodard is 9 years old.

Is Keivonn Woodard Deaf?

Yes, Keivonn Woodard is a Deaf actor.

Does Keivonn Woodard Use Social Media?

Keivonn Woodard is present on Instagram under the handle keivonnwoodard. The account is currently managed by his mother, April Jackson-Woodard.

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