Call of Duty just revealed that Vladimir Makarov, one of the most notorious antagonists in the original Modern Warfare games, is returning in MW3.

Makarov is a character that many fans of Call of Duty have already crossed paths with. He was a recurring presence in the original Modern Warfare and had plenty of iconic scenes that many still remember.

However, to some players, this is the first time that they have met Makarov. Here we’ll discuss who plays Makarov in MW3 and his role in the story.

Who is Makarov in MW3?

Julian Kostov is the actor who plays Makarov in Modern Warfare 3 (2023), one of the most vicious antagonists in Call of Duty history.

Kostov is the new actor as the original actor of Makarov, Roman Varshavsky, has since moved on from the series.

The Bulgarian actor is known for his roles in the series Shadow Bone and Temple.

In the reveal trailer, we see Makarov leaving a cell and walking through areas of the jail with other inmates stopping to give him respect. The trailer itself really sets the tone for Makarov as a relentless villain that will stop at nothing to reach his objective.

Players can hear Price describe Makarov as someone that only sees allies as weapons and bystanders as shields. In his words, this villain only sees those around him as tools to use for his objective.

However, Call of Duty has not specified how Makarov will fit into the story following MW2, but it is clear that he will serve as one of the antagonists of MW3.

MW3 2023 Makarov Actor

Makarov is played by Bulgarian actor Julian Kostov who has appeared in various shows like Shadow Bone, Temple, and Treadstone.

BornAugust 25, 1989
Height5’10 3/4″
BirthplaceVarna, Bulgaria
Social MediaTwitter – @YulianKostov
Instagram – @juliankostov

This isn’t his first time acting in video games, either. He has also lent his talents to recent titles like A Way Out, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Division, and Bravo Team.

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