Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just revealed a brand-new character and she’s already turning heads – here’s everything we know about Mela.

It’s a new generation of Pokemon and that means we’re getting new creatures, new mechanics, a brand-new region, and of course a new ‘villain’. Ever since Team Rocket made its debut, Pokemon villain teams have been a staple of the series.

Of course, over the years, the teams became less evil and more of a mild annoyance for trainers. Lately Team Skull, Team Yell, and now Team Star don’t seem like they’re into anything too sinister.

But each team is still a lot of fun to run into, and many of their leaders have become strong fan-favorites. And that brings us to Team Star’s Mela, a new boss making her debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Who Is Team Star's Mela

Who Is Team Star’s Mela?

Mela is the fiery boss of Team Star’s Schedar Squad, the crew with a passion for flames. She’s known as the best all-rounder in the squad, and therefore is the leader who rides the crew’s Starmobile into battle.

Mela is also known for fixing each and every problem in her path, with some rather heavy-handed methods. And while she’s gruff and forceful on the outside, The Pokemon Company reveals that her “steadfast devotion” to her goals has earned her the trust of the Schedar Squad.

Players will encounter Mela in the Starfall Street path of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. After defeating her crew’s grunts in under a given time, trainers will get the chance to battle it out against Mela herself.

Mela From Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You’ll also be able to use Scarlet & Violet’s new auto battle mechanic to take down the Schedar Squad and rush to the Mela boss fight.

Don’t be fooled though, Mela is only the leader of a single squad, and defeating her is only the start of your Starfall Street adventure.

Mela Fan Art & Memes – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

It didn’t take fans long to begin obsessing over the Team Star Boss, Mela. Here’s the best of what the internet has to offer so far:

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