Despite appearing in Diablo canon and mythos for a while, Lilith makes her first in-game appearance in Diablo 4.

So, it’s no wonder that newcomers to the series or even those somewhat familiar with previous games may not know who she is.

Fortunately, this article breaks down absolutely everything you need to know about Lilith before Diablo 4’s official release date.

Lilith’s Origins

Lilith is a demon and the niece of Diablo, the titular villain of the entire series. She is commonly referred to as the Mother of Sanctuary or Queen of the Succubi.

Like the rest of her family, Lilith is a demon and a part of the Burning Hells. She and her family were engaged in an endless war with the High Heavens.

However, after a while, she grew tired of the bloodshed and decided she wanted no part in the war. So, Lilith fled with an angel called Inarius, who she had previously captured and fallen in love with.

Lilith in the church in Diablo 4

Creating Sanctuary & the Nephalem

Lilith and Inarius then created Sanctuary, a place completely hidden from the Burning Hells and High Heavens where angels and demonkind alike could find refuge from the war. It acts as the setting for Diablo 4.

Eventually, she and Inarius mated and gave birth to the nephalem, a half-angel, half-demon race that would later become humankind.

The first nephalem were called the Ancients, beings far more powerful than angels and demons, who did not succumb to age or disease.

They worshipped Lilith like a god and erected altars of Lilith throughout Sanctuary. Players can find these during their playthrough to buff their stats.

art of Lilith and Inarius creating Sanctuary
Lilith and Inarius presiding over Sanctuary and creating the nephalem.
Credit – Blizzard Entertainment

Betraying Inarius & Being Banished

The angels and demons of Sanctuary soon began to fear that the nephalem would become too powerful and would draw the attention of the Burning Hells and High Heavens.

Some voted to eradicate the nephalem, but Inarius told them to wait while he reflected on their choices.

However, Lilith heard about the plot to kill the nephalem, whom she considered her children, and began killing all of the angels and demons in Sanctuary.

Upon learning of this betrayal, Inarius, seeing the danger that Lilith posed to his followers, reluctantly banished her to the Void as he did not want to kill her.

She lay there in slumber until she was summoned by a member of the cult, the Temple of the Triune, at the beginning of Diablo 4. They believe she can restore order to Sanctuary after it is devastated at the end of Diablo 3.

You can see her being reawakened in the cinematic trailer below:

What Is Lilith’s Role in Diablo 4?

Lilith is the primary antagonist of Diablo 4 and is connected to the player via strange visions. You set out, initially with the help of the Cathedral of Light, to discover her true intentions and your connection to her.

It’s likely that Lilith’s motivations will be a little more sympathetic than the malevolent Diablo’s. However, she’s willing to manipulate others to do her bidding and will likely rope the player into her evil plans.

Surprisingly, this is Lilith’s first appearance in a game as a fleshed-out character. She was in Diablo 2 as a grey and black reskin of Andariel’s model, but only as a boss fight.

So, that’s everything everything you need to know about Lilith in preparation for Diablo 4’s launch. Now all that’s left to do is decide which edition of the game you’ll get.

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