Early on in Final Fantasy 16, players are introduced to Anabella Rosfield, an antagonistic character who Clive refers to as “Mother.”

However, her cold attitude and surprising actions have shrouded her in mystery, leaving many to wonder who she truly is and what her motivations are. Fortunately, we have the answer.

The following section contains spoilers for the first two hours of Final Fantasy 16.

Who Is Anabella Rosfield in FF16?

Anabella Rosfield is one of the antagonists in Final Fantasy 16 and is the biological mother of Clive and Joshua.

It is evident early on that she has no love for Clive, as she acts cold and distant towards him, often barely acknowledging his existence.

She displays the stereotypical evil stepmother tropes found in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, going so far as to betray Clive in the early hours of FF16.

Clive greeting his mother in FF16

Additionally, Clive rarely refers to her as mother and is forced to call his father “Your Highness” whenever she is around. He is completely stripped of all familiarity with his parents, largely due to her disdain for him.

This coldness stems from her disappointment in Clive, which she frequently and openly expresses to both him and those around her.

To Anabella, it is shameful that Clive was not picked by the Phoenix to be granted its true powers. Instead, it chose his younger brother, Joshua, whom Anabella adores.

However, both Joshua and Elwin, Clive’s father, disapprove of her treatment of him and often chastise her for it. Even the soldiers comment on the harsh nature of the way she talks to Clive.

Anabella Rosfield calling Clive a failure in FF16
Anabella complaining about Clive to Elwin.

What Is Anabella Rosfield’s Plan in FF16?

Anabella Rosfield’s plan was to have her husband, Elwin, and her son Clive ambushed and killed while kidnapping Joshua and turning him over to the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

It is likely that the Empire planned to use Joshua as an additional Dominant. However, his death meant that wasn’t possible.

Nevertheless, it works in Anabella’s favor, as, at the very least, this potentially dangerous Dominant is no longer a threat to the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

It remains unclear why Anabella spares Clive’s life at the beginning of the game, but it is likely due to wanting to watch him suffer while he works for those that killed his beloved brother and father.

Anabella sparing Clive in FF16
Anabella sparing Clive’s life after he is ambushed.