Call of Duty MW3 finally allows main characters to bite the bullet in its latest Campaign, but which familiar face dies in the story this time?

In COD games, death is rarely the end. Even the most famous deaths in the franchise, like Ghost in the original MW2, ended up not being permanent due to the Modern Warfare reboot.

Even just last year we saw Graves walk away from being inside an exploding tank, thanks to Activision wanting to sell players on a new Battle Pass.

But whether or not these deaths will end up being permanent, we finally know who dies in the MW3 Campaign.

Obviously, the information below contains major spoilers for the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. Read on at your own risk.

Which Characters Die in the MW3 Campaign?

The only main character to die in the MW3 (2023) Campaign is John ‘Soap’ MacTavish, who is shot in the head during a skirmish with Makarov in the game’s final mission, Trojan Horse.

Ghost and Dead Soap in MW3

However, in a mid-credits sequence, we also see General Herschel Shepherd get shot and killed by Captain Price, as revenge for his betrayal in the previous game.

Captain Price Killing General Shepherd in MW3 Aftercredits

In addition, we also see both Farah’s ally Dena, as well as Ivan, Makarov’s former team leader, get shot in the opening missions of MW3.

Yuri, Laswell’s contact in the Russian military, also has his fate left unknown as a chemical weapon is deployed in his immediate vicinity.

However, Laswell manages to escape the building unharmed, so there’s a good chance that he does too.

What Happens to Makarov?

Although his plan to bomb the London underground and poison the water supply at the Gora Dam is prevented, Makarov escapes Task Force 141 and survives the events of MW3.

Makarov Shooting Captain Price in MW3

He attacks both Captain Price and Ghost while they are defusing his final bomb, and shoots Soap MacTavish in the head during the ensuing scuffle.

Although he is reportedly injured, Makarov is still at large.

What Happens to Ghost?

Ghost survives the events of MW3 and goes with Captain Price and Gaz to scatter the ashes of Soap in the game’s final scene.

Soap's Funeral in MW3

What Happens to Captain Price?

Captain Price survives the events of MW3, and waits for General Shepherd in his office in a scene very reminiscent of the opening of Daniel Craig’s first Bond film, Casino Royale.

Dead General Shepherd in MW3

He shoots Shepherd in the head as revenge for the General’s betrayal in the previous game.

What Happens to Soap?

Soap, alongside Captain Price, was defusing Makarov’s final bomb in the London Underground when he was attacked by the Russian.

In the fight, Soap is shot in the side of the head and dies immediately. While Task Force 141 attempts to disarm the bomb, Makarov escapes.

Dead Soap with Ghost, Gaz, and Captain Price in MW3

Soap’s ashes are later scattered by Ghost, Captain Price, and Gaz.

It’s currently unclear as to whether or not we’ll get a Modern Warfare 4 for Infinity Ward’s next game.

However, this game certainly hasn’t had a satisfactory storyline just yet – though we still have a number of multiplayer seasons to progress the story further.

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