In episode 8 of The Last of Us, the Cannibals are tracking down Joel and Ellie as they previously killed one of their members.

The person that Joel killed was named Alec, a hunter for the Cannibals and the father of the young girl at the beginning of the episode.

While scavenging for supplies around a university, the group of Cannibals stumbles on Joel and Ellie. One of them launches a surprise attack which ends in Joel strangling him to death.

Unfortunately, during the altercation, the raider, who we now know as Alec, manages to stab Joel in the stomach, leaving him worse for wear.

Alec’s death occurs in the sixth episode as Joel and Ellie were attacked by a group of raiders.

Alec in The Last of Us
Alec in The Last of Us

Who Did Joel Kill in Episode 8 of The Last of Us?

In The Last of Us episode 8, Joel kills three members of David’s inner circle. The three men were cannibal hunters who would bring food, whether it was human or animal, back to the village.

The names of the men he kills are Marco, Timothy, and Josiah. These men also wanted to kill Ellie, presumably to eat her, but David stops them.

Josiah and Marco who Joel kills
Back Left – Marco / Back Middle – Josiah

The Cannibals are one of the most sinister sets of people in The Last of Us lore. However, compared to the game, the Cannibals do have some differences in the show.

While Joel’s interrogation of The Cannibals members is accurate to the events of the game, the only change here is that we know the names of the people he kills.

How Does Joel Kill the Cannibals in The Last of Us?

The first member that Joel murders is Josiah. While searching for the man they saw with the little girl, Josiah is the first to stumble upon him.

Due to the medicine Ellie has been giving him, the protagonist has enough strength to get out of his bed and launches a surprise attack on the hunter using the knife Ellie left behind.

Joel strangles him to death and then collapses back to the floor, showing that it took a lot out of him. Eventually, Joel gets back up and discovers the other two men searching the area.

He attacks both of them and brings them to a nearby house, tying them up and interrogating them. The first man he questions is Marco, asking for the location of Ellie.

Ellie Leaving knife with joel in the last of us
Credit: HBO

After initially refusing, Joel repeatedly stabs him with a knife to get the answer. After providing him with the correct spot where Ellie was taken to, Joel kills Marco by stabbing him in the chest.

Joel turns his attention to Timothy, who begs for his life. However, Joel seemingly beats him to death with a pipe. Although, this death is not shown on screen.

The members of the Cannibals are all portrayed excellently on screen. This is down to the amazing actors who play them.

You can learn more about them here:

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