Joel and Ellie are attacked by a party of Raiders who have come to the University of Eastern Colorado to scavenge for supplies.

They aren’t purposefully trying to find Ellie and Joel but are at the University by sheer misfortune. They aren’t named characters, and are not even credited in the episode 6 cast list.

The main Raider that attacks Joel and Ellie uses a baseball bat which he attempts to hit Joel with. However, he misses and hits a tree instead.

The baseball bat shatters against the tree, leaving the Raider with just the bottom half. The sharpened edges of the splintered wood prove to be enough to stab Joel in the stomach.

Of course, there are multiple malicious factions in The Last of Us that Joel and Ellie encounter on their travels. One of the most prominent ones are the Hunters, led by the powerful and incredibly villainous Kathleen.

a Raider swinging a baseball bat at Joel in The Last of Us TV show episode 6
Credit – HBO

Who Are the Raiders in The Last of Us TV Show?

The Raiders are a group of survivors in The Last of Us that attack settlements, raid abandoned buildings and typically use violence to get what they need.

While they’re not the worst faction in The Last of Us, they are infamous for their brutal and unforgiving tactics when it comes to survival.

The Raiders that attack Joel and Ellie are not dissimilar to Kathleen’s Hunters. Much like the survivors in Kansas City, they’re just trying to get by.

The Raiders don’t have a leader, unlike the Kansas City Hunters or FEDRA. Anyone who uses violence to steal supplies from the less fortunate is considered a raider.

Raiders have previously appeared in episode 3 when Bill and Frank are attacked by them, leading to Bill being badly wounded.

a group of raiders attacking Bill and Frank's house in The Last of Us TV show episode 3
Credit – HBO

It is just unfortunate that the ones raiding the University of Eastern Colorado happened to get in Joel and Ellie’s path as they were attempting to locate the Fireflies.

One of the Raiders even manages to land a deadly blow against Joel, leading many to wonder if he died at the end of episode 6.

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