Pokemon Horizons is introducing a whole new cast of exciting characters to the Pokemon universe, including the airship-flying research team, Rising Volt Tacklers.

While the previous supporting characters, such as Brock, Misty, and all of Ash’s other iconic companions, have sadly now officially left the series, this colorful crew of researchers has plenty to offer.

Of course, if you want to get to know these new characters for yourself and see what wild adventures they’ll get up to, you’ll need to know how and when to watch the new Pokemon anime, Pokemon Horizons.

Friede and Captain Pikachu from the Rising Volt Tacklers
Friede and Captain Pikachu from the Rising Volt Tacklers in Pokemon Horizons

Who Are the Rising Volt Tacklers?

The Rising Volt Tacklers are a team of researchers that travel around in an airship studying Pokemon. They are led by Professor Friede and his adorable companion Pokemon and all-round mascot, Captain Pikachu.

Here is every member of the Rising Volt Tacklers and their companion Pokemon:

  • Friede & Captain Pikachu
  • Orla & Metagross
  • Murdock & Rockruff
  • Mollie & Chansey
  • Ludlow

Fortunately, the Rising Volt Tacklers are one of the good guys. They help Roy and Liko, the dual protagonists of Pokemon Horizons, throughout their journey.

Orlo and her companion Pokemon Metagross act as the mechanics of the airship, while Murdock and his ‘Mon Rockruff handle the cooking.

Meanwhile, Mollie and Chansey unsurprisingly offer medical support to the crew and their guests. Finally, all we know about Ludlow is that he loves to fish!

Orla, Murdock, Mollie and Ludlow of the Rising Volt Tacklers in Pokemon Horizons
From left to right: Orla/Murdock/Mollie/Ludlow
Credit – Anipoke PR

We’ll know more about this ragtag team of researchers once the anime airs and will update this article with any relevant information accordingly.

If you want to see what the Rising Volt Tacklers will look like in the anime and how they’ll interact with the series’ protagonists, you should check out the official Pokemon Horizons trailer below:

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