In The Last of Us TV show, FEDRA (which stands for Federal Disaster Response Agency) is an antagonist group that wants nothing more than to control the Quarantine Zones across the United States.

They are a military organization that replaced the US government when the Cordyceps outbreak occurred and took control over the survivors.

If you’re interested in the show’s lore, you should also learn about the Fireflies and their deadly rivalry with the FEDRA in The Last of Us TV Show.

The FEDRA presides over the remaining Quarantine Zones. These are safe areas where the surviving population lives doing hard manual labor for very little in return.

They rule with an iron fist, setting strict curfews and publically executing anyone who doesn’t obey their laws.

Only the Fireflies and a handful of angry civilians oppose them. However, their attempts to overthrow them are usually unsuccessful, which is why they’ve ruled for so long.

FEDRA signs in The Last of Us TV show

Nevertheless, despite having a significant military force, the FEDRA has been pushed out of several QZs across the US.

Most notably, the FEDRA was removed from Pittsburgh by the Hunters and Seattle by the Washington Liberation Front (WLF).

These locations are later visited by Joel and Ellie. It is in these places that they face fierce resistance from the now chaotic and uncontrollable inhabitants.

If you want to see FEDRA in action and watch how their oppression affects Joel and Ellie, then make sure you know exactly when each episode of The Last of Us airs.

Members of FEDRA in The Last of Us TV Show

Much like in the video game, there aren’t many important members of FEDRA in The Last of Us TV show.

However, there are some named characters that play a role in the main story. Here is every known member of FEDRA in The Last of Us TV show:

  • Lee – The soldier that Joel interacts with and later kills

Of course, if you want to know who plays each of the FEDRA soldiers and officers, then make sure to check out the extensive The Last of Us cast list.

We will update this list when each episode is released.
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