A white Xbox Series X was spotted in the background of a Logitech advert sparking rumors that a new version of the console is on its way.

People have been clamoring for a white Xbox Series X for a while now. Considering the Xbox Series S is white, it makes sense that the Series X would get a white version eventually.

Fans have speculated that a white Series X seen in a recent advert could be the sign they’ve waited for. Is it finally on its way?

If you haven’t managed to pick up an Xbox Series X yet – let alone a mythic white one – then don’t worry as there is a great way to beat the scalpers!

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What Is The White Series X in The Logitech Advert?

There are many possibilities as to what the white Series X seen in the Logitech advert could be including a custom white shell over a basic black model or indeed confirmation of an official white version.

However, many have pointed out that the Xbox Series X has been changed to match the advert’s overall aesthetic. The background, decor, and clothes worn by the models in the advert are all white.

Nevertheless, others have been quick to point out the pink microphone and black laptop visible in the advert.

Are Logitech & Microsoft Connected?

The Logitech advert is for a brand-new line of headphones from the company Astro Gaming – which is owned by Logitech and is being advertised as working with consoles including Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

This isn’t the first time Logitech and Microsoft have partnered up. In fact, on multiple occasions, the two companies have worked together to promote each other’s products.

It is also not the first time that a white variant of an Xbox has been leaked. Back in 2016, the Xbox One S – a white, slimmer version of the Xbox One – was leaked. This was only hours before being publicly announced.

Has Microsoft Confirmed a White Xbox Series X?

There is no official word from Microsoft about a white Xbox Series X yet. This is despite a white version of the console appearing in the Logitech advert.

Update 9/23/22
A Microsoft spokesperson shared with VGC that the company does not currently have a white Xbox Series X console in production, and there are no plans to release one at this time.

Tom Warren – senior editor at The Verge – has requested a comment from Microsoft regarding the white Xbox Series X. However, the company is yet to respond.

We will update this article with Microsoft's statement about the white Xbox Series X rumors if the company responds.

If the idea of a white Xbox Series X seems exciting to you, then you’ll definitely want to check out the brand-new white Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller.

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