Call of Duty MW3 launches on November 10, but is PlayStation, Xbox, or PC the best platform to play it on?

Console wars are unfortunately not in the rearview mirror just yet, and with MW3 coming to a whopping 5 different platforms, it’s important to know the differences between each.

Modern Warfare 3 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and hopefully this is the last time we see a COD title launch on last-gen hardware.

Now, let’s get into which platform is best.

What Is the Best Platform to Buy MW3 On?

The best platform to buy MW3 on is either PC or PlayStation 5. Each has distinct advantages over the competition, and it’s up to you to decide which features are most important.

Here’s what we mean by that:

PC Advantages:

  • PC players will get the best performance and visual fidelity out of all platforms.
    • Thanks to 240 / 360Hz monitors being readily available, you can get insanely high FPS in-game, making your experience far smoother and more responsive.
    • You also have more customization options when it comes to how your game looks, being able to tweak graphical settings freely or take advantage of ultrawide monitors.
  • Both Mouse & Keyboard and Controller inputs are available.
  • It is easier and far cheaper to install extra storage to fit COD’s ever-expanding file size.

However, in our years of experience playing on PC, we can confirm that Call of Duty has always been an intensive game.

Farah in MW3 Campaign

We find that it often isn’t very well optimized for all but the highest-spec rigs, leading us to either have to turn down the graphics settings or face frame drops.

If you’ve got a mid-range PC, you may find that the game runs more smoothly on current-gen consoles!

PS5 Advantages:

  • PlayStation users will receive exclusive content in MW3.
    • This is already kicking off with the free Lockpick Operator Pack for pre-ordering, as well as exclusive Beta dates prior to launch.
    • We expect further Combat Packs and Double XP opportunities to arrive for PS4 & PS5 owners throughout the year too.
  • Pre-loading updates arrives sooner on PS5.
    • In our experience covering new Call of Duty updates, we’ve almost always seen PlayStation get the earliest pre-load times.
    • Not only that, but PC rarely gets a chance to pre-load the game at all – which is particularly disappointing when you’ve got 50 GB updates dropping on a regular basis.
  • The ability to turn off Cross-Play can help avoid Mouse & Keyboard players, and PC cheaters
    • Some users on console will deliberately turn off Cross-Play to avoid matching with PC players. This way, you can encounter fewer cheaters and limit yourself to facing just controller users.

Unfortunately, Xbox One is currently the worst way to play MW3 right now, benefitting from neither PlayStation’s exclusive content nor PC’s hardware advantages.

MW3 Underwater Campaign Mission C4

However, the Xbox Series X/S is still a great way to play, only losing out to PS5 because of Sony’s exclusives.

Xbox fans will be happy to hear that this is the final year of PlayStation-exclusive content coming to Call of Duty.

But now despite Microsoft now owning Activision, Phil Spencer is already announcing that Xbox players will not get exclusive skins and bonuses, moving forward.

All MW3 Differences on PS4 & Xbox One

If you’re yet to upgrade to a current-gen console, you can expect some differences in MW3 for PS4 or Xbox One:

  • PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players can play at up to 120 FPS, rather than 60 FPS on last-gen hardware, leading to a smoother experience.
  • Visual fidelity and textures are much improved on newer consoles, making spotting enemies easier.

It’s certainly worth noting that even if you don’t care about better graphics and smoother gameplay, you’ll still be playing against users who are using that newer hardware.

You’ll always have a significant disadvantage on PS4 and Xbox One, when going up against current-gen players, making each game an uphill battle.

However, this may not matter much for casual players, and skill still plays a major part in your Call of Duty experience too.

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