The eagerly awaited League Upgrades SBCs are back in FC 24, giving players the opportunity to craft packs for specific competitions with the hopes of obtaining a TOTY (Team of the Year) player.

There are quite a few upgrades, and knowing which ones to sink your club or coins into can be a tough decision. It certainly is for us!

Fortunately, the community has done the calculations, and they have found out which league will give you the most back in return while giving you an optimal chance at getting an illustrious blue item!

Which League Upgrades Should I Do?

The best League Upgrade SBCs to do in FC 24 are the Premium Premier League/Women’s Super League and the Premium LaLiga/Liga F Upgrades.

This is because they have the highest amount of TOTY items in those leagues, as well as a large number of high-rated fodder.

FC 24 TOTY League Upgrades

Here is the full breakdown for each league:

LeagueTOTY Items82-83 OVR84-85 OVR86+
Premier League/Women’s Super League9524019
LaLiga/Liga F5431721
Ligue 1/D1 Arkema3151311
Seria A/Calcio A Femminile121169

As you can see, the English and Spanish league upgrades have the most TOTY items in FC 24. Meanwhile, they also have the most 86+ OVR players. This means you have a better shot at stocking up your club with high-rated fodder.

This amount of potential fodder will help you complete any SBC, which could include the new Exchange Squad Building Challenges. They have received tons of praise from the community.

This is due to the ability to grind packs and stock up your club with lots of players. So good luck with your TOTY pack grind, and hopefully, with these tips, you pick up quite a few blue items!

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