Elden Ring Keepsakes function similar to that of Gifts in Dark Souls. During character creation, you’ll select a Keepsake that’s right for you, or none if you’re up to the challenge.

Like any other FromSoftware game, Elden Ring can be daunting for new players, both Souls games and RPGs. Wondering which Elden Ring stats are the best for your character?

Don’t worry, you can build your character however you like.

Bear in mind that each Elden Ring class comes with its own unique equipment, and there’s certain to be one that suits your playstyle. Players familiar with the Souls franchise will understand these fundamentals when playing Elden Ring, but there are plenty of newcomers too!

If you’re anxious about your first playthrough of Elden Ring, don’t worry! We have listed the Keepsakes below, so you know which one to start with when you play on February 25th.

Elden Ring Boss

What Elden Ring Keepsake Should I Pick?

Elden Ring’s Keepsakes are special starting equipment, with different attributes or effects to help you on your journey.

There’s no perfect keepsake, but there are better choices depending on your playstyle.

Below are the Elden Ring Keepsake choices, and what they offer:

  • None – The tough option, for experienced players. This means you pick no Keepsake at all, making Elden Ring more difficult for you.
  • Crimson Amber Medallion – This medallion increases your maximum HP, a decent start so you can take more hits
  • Land’s Between Rune – This Keepsake will grant you many Runes upon use. Runes are the currency and XP, similar to Souls in the Dark Souls games.
  • Golden Seed – This seed can be used to upgrade your flask, your way of healing in Elden Ring.
  • Fanged Imp Ash – Grants the player Spirit Ash, which can be used to summon Enemy Spirits.
  • Cracked Pot – An item used in crafting to create throwing pots
  • Stonesword Key – While the keys can only be used one, they can be used to unlock Imp Statues, offering good rewards.
  • Bewitching Branch – Five sacred branches charged with power
  • Boiled Prawn – Can be used to negate damage, which is good in tough battles
  • Shabiri’s Woe – Use this to increase enemy’s madness buildup.

There are plenty of options to choose from! But if you’re a newcomer to the Souls franchise, or want to make things easier for yourself, the best Elden Ring Keepsake would be either the Golden Seed or the Stonesword Key.

Elden Ring can seem difficult, but it can be beaten! If you’re struggling to pick the best Elden Ring class, make sure to follow our guides for more information and help!

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