Modern Warfare 3 still has a lot of months ahead of it, but which developer will be responsible for Call of Duty 2024?

The Call of Duty development schedule is a confusing mess, and it keeps getting even more complex with each passing year.

Until recently, the cycle was simple: Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games would alternate game releases, giving studios a decent amount of development time while other teams were in the spotlight.

Now Treyarch keeps being called in to assist other studios on Zombies and Ranked Multiplayer, Infinity Ward made the Campaign for MW3, and a whole host of secondary development teams are constantly helping out where needed.

All Call of Duty Development Teams
All Development Teams Credited for Working on MW2 (2022)

COD 2024 Developer

Although Activision hasn’t officially revealed it, the Call of Duty 2024 developer is almost certainly going to be Treyarch.

With Sledgehammer Games responsible for the most recent release of MW3, and Infinity Ward having just put out MW2 in 2022, Treyarch will be up next to bat.

According to early leaks, Treyarch was initially set to develop Call of Duty 2023, before Sledgehammer Games was brought in to turn a MW2 expansion into a full-priced release (MW3 2023).

Black Ops Cold War Stitch Mask

As such, Treyarch will have had sufficient time to develop a new COD title by the end of 2024, after its most recent release, Black Ops Cold War, debuted in November 2020.

Let’s just hope that the studio isn’t hindered much by the fact that it’s also had to carry Vanguard Zombies and Modern Warfare 3 Zombies in that time, alongside Ranked Play for Vanguard, MW2, and MW3.

COD 2024 Setting

The most up-to-date leaks regarding Call of Duty 2024 suggests that it will be another Black Ops title, with a Gulf War setting.

Late last year, Windows Central reported that the game would most likely be Black Ops Gulf War, though the name was still being decided upon internally.

Black Ops Cold War Point Helicopter

This would place the new Call of Duty between August 1990 and February 1991, only a decade later than BOCW’s 1981 setting.

Insider Gaming reports that the following year, 2025, will bring with it another Black Ops title – this time a direct sequel to Black Ops 2, set in the not-so-distant future.

Presumably, other studios will have to assist with this game, or else Treyarch will somehow have to work on two back-to-back games with vastly different settings.

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