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Where to Pre-Order Diablo 4 – Bonuses, Editions, & More

Diablo 4 Beckons: Pre-Order Now and Immerse in Early Demonic Carnage

Diablo 4 is finally available for pre-order, eleven years after its predecessor Diablo 3, first hit store shelves. Here are the best ways to purchase Diablo 4 to get it on launch day and all pre-order bonuses available:

Where to Pre-Order Diablo 4 Standard Edition

Here’s every major retailer where you can pre-order Diablo IV:




The Deluxe and Ultimate Editions are only available for pre-order on Battle.Net, Xbox Marketplace, and the PS Store.

Where to Pre-Order Diablo 4 Limited Collector’s Box

Players can pre-order the Diablo 4 Limited Collector’s Box from the official Blizzard Website for $96.66 in the US or £96.66 in the UK.

Although it is worth noting that this does not include any version of the Diablo 4 game. Players will need to purchase the video game separately.

This is an odd choice, but it has some great items that Diablo fans will appreciate.

All Diablo 4 Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses

There are three different Diablo 4 editions that players can purchase, each with its own perks and bonuses:

  • Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
Diablo 4 Comparison Chart

Standard Edition

  • Diablo 4 Game
  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Diablo 3 Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
Diablo 4 Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

  • Everything included in Standard Edition
  • Up to four days of Early Access to Diablo 4
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Premium Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock
Diablo 4 Deluxe Edition

Ultimate Edition

  • Everything included in the Standard & Deluxe Edition
  • Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock – Premium Battle Pass + 20 Tier Skips
  • Wings of the Creator Emote
Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition

All players that pre-order the Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate Editions of Diablo IV will receive the following bonuses:

  • Light Bearer Mount

Players that pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of Diablo IV will be able to play Diablo IV up to four days early.

There are currently no in-store pre-order bonuses for Diablo IV, but we will update this article if any are announced.

Is Diablo 4 Worth Pre-Ordering?

If you are a big fan of Diablo 4, then it is worth pre-ordering the game to get up to four days of Early Access to the open beta and some Diablo 3 exclusives.

But if you’re not interested in Early Access or cosmetics for other titles, there is no real reason to pre-order Diablo 4.

The Deluxe and Ultimate Edition cosmetic items will remain available even after Diablo’s 4 release. Therefore, there is no hurry to purchase the game if you want these extras.

Only players who pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions will receive early access to Diablo 4’s full release.

Diablo 4 Price

Diablo 4 Standard Edition will cost $69.99 in the US, $89.99 CAD in Canada, and £69.99 in the UK. This is the standard price for most new releases.

Although, if you’re looking to purchase one of the other editions of Diablo 4, then you’ll need to pay a bit more.

  • Diablo 4 Deluxe Edition – $89.99 US, $119.99 CAD, and £89.99.
  • Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition – $99.99 US, $129.99 CAD, and £99.99

It’s worth noting that pre-ordering any edition of the Diablo 4 will give you early access to the upcoming beta.

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