If those pesky bugs are giving you trouble, here’s where to locate and destroy each one in Gotham Knights.

In one of the opening missions in Gotham knights, the Bat Family heads to the The Iceberg Lounge to find The Penguin.

Before he’ll talk to you, however, he reveals that ‘certain individuals’ may be listening in to your conversation. Therefore, to speak plainly, you’ll need to destroy 3 bugs from around his office.

Here’s where to find each one without too much effort:

Gotham Knights: Find All Bugs Locations in Penguin’s Office

To locate and destroy all bugs in Penguin’s office, players must scan (Down on the D-Pad, X on PC) the following locations:

  • 1 – The lamp on his desk
  • 2 – The plant beneath Penguin’s portrait behind his desk
  • 3 – The marble bust of Penguin

Then walk up to each bug location and hit interact (X/Square/E) to destroy it.

1st Bug Location – Lamp

Gotham Knights Penguin's Office Lamp

The first bug you can find easily is in the Lamp on Penguin’s desk. Scan it by holding Down on the D-Pad or X on PC and you’ll be able to press X/Square/E to destroy the listening device.

Oswald Cobblepot: “Illumination is important, especially at my age. My eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

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2nd Bug Location – Plant

Locate and Destroy Bugs Gotham Knights Plant

Immediately behind Penguin, below a painting of himself, you can scan a Plant resting in the alcove on the wall. Then, walk up to it and destroy the listening device.

Oswald Cobblepot: “I never like that thing, clashes with the rest of the decor. I’m not even sure where it’s from.

3rd Bug Location – Bust

The Iceberg Lounge Bugs Bust Gotham Knight

Across the room from Penguin, over by the display case of pistols, you can scan the stand below the marble Bust of Penguin to locate the final bug. Once more, head over there and destroy it before Cobblepot will invite you to drink with him.

Oswald Cobblepot: “I had that touched up recently. Sadly, my usual guy wasn’t available.”

Now you’ll be able to interact with the whiskey glasses behind Penguin and the mission will be complete. The Penguin is just one of Gotham Knight’s most iconic villains, though he claims to be out of the crime business right now.

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Thanks to WoW Quests for this excellent video breakdown on how to locate and destroy all the bugs in Gotham Knights.

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