There are plenty of different Vivillon patterns for Pokemon GO players to collect – here’s where you can get all of them!

Vivillon is one of the most interesting Pokemon, thanks to its many variants. While it is not uncommon for a Pokemon to have one or even two other forms exclusive to a region, Vivillon has way more than that.

Luckily, so you can catch ’em all, we’ve got a list of every different pattern Vivillon can have in Pokemon GO, as well as which habitat they are found in!

How Many Vivillon Regional Variants Are There in Pokemon GO?

There are 18 different regional variants of Vivillon in Pokemon GO, each with a different pattern and color. However, the pattern of Vivillon is never random.

Which pattern your Vivillon has depends on which habitat the Scatterbug came from – before you evolved it to Spewpa and then Vivillon.

Check out our guide on how to catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO for instructions on how to get a Scatterbug from different habitats.

Pokemon GO Vivillon

Every Vivillon Pattern & Habitat in Pokemon GO

The table below shows all 18 Vivillon patterns currently in Pokemon GO as well as the habitat of the Scatterbug they can evolve from.

As Vivillon’s patterns depend on the climate, each Vivillon looks very different. For instance, the Icy Snow Vivillon is white, while the Jungle Vivillon is green and brown.

Vivillon PatternHabitatRegions
Vivillon Archipelago Pokemon GOArchipelagoCaribbean / South Africa
Vivillon Continental Pokemon GOContinentalArgentina / Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Denmark, Central Asia, India)
Vivillon Elegant Pokemon GOElegantJapan
Vivillon Garden Pokemon GOGardenUK / Ireland / New Zealand
Vivillon High Plains Pokemon GOHigh PlainsWestern USA / Eastern Europe
Vivillon Icy Snow Pokemon GOIcy SnowGreenland / Northern Canada / Northern Europe (Norway, Finland, Sweden)
Vivillon Jungle Pokemon GOJungleColombia / Northern South America / Central Africa / Indonesia
Vivillon Marine Pokemon GOMarineChile / Greece / Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria) / Spain
Vivillon Meadow Pokemon GOMeadowCentral Europe (France, Italy)
Vivillon Modern Pokemon GOModernEastern USA
Vivillon Monsoon Pokemon GOMonsoonSoutheast Asia
Vivillon Ocean Pokemon GOOceanHawaii / Galapagos Islands / Madagascar
Vivillon Polar Pokemon GOPolarAlaska / Eastern Canada / Western Canada / Southern Argentina and Chile / Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland)
Vivillon River Pokemon GORiverNorth Africa (Egypt) / South Africa / South Australia
Vivillon Sandstorm Pokemon GOSandstormMiddle East
Vivillon Savanna Pokemon GOSavannaBrazil / North Australia
Vivillon Sun Pokemon GOSunMexico / Madagascar
Vivillon Tundra Pokemon GOTundraIceland / Southern Norway / Sweden / North Japan

Of course, if you want to get all of them, you’ll need plenty of Scatterbug Candy. Here’s how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO so you can quickly evolve Scatterbug into Vivillon!

Map of All Vivillon Habitat Regions

Every place in the world is a certain kind of Vivillon habitat. Pinning a postcard from a certain habitat will increase your progress to earning a Scatterbug encounter from that habitat.

Check out the official map below to see what Vivillon habitat each part of the world. That way, you can easily collect postcards from each of them!

Also, here’s how to collect and pin postcards in Pokemon GO if you need some more help.

Pokemon GO Vivillon Patterns Map

It’s not just the different Vivillon patterns that are exclusive to a certain region. Here’s every region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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