Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
Vengeful Aspect
Must Haves:
Rogue Class

The Vengeful Aspect in Diablo 4 will give any Rogue the power to increase their Critical Strike Chance and make enemies they attack Vulnerable.

Since the Rogue uses the power of Critical Strikes to get the most out of their damage output, this is a great Legendary Aspect for players to obtain.

Thankfully, you won’t need to depend on RNG for Legendary Gear since obtaining the Vengeful Aspect from a dungeon in Diablo IV is possible.

How to Get Vengeful Aspect in Diablo 4

Players can find the Vengeful Aspect in Diablo 4 by completing the Inferno dungeon in the Amber Sands of the Kehistan region.

This a higher-level area, so we recommend being at least Level 35 before you head to the dungeon.

Inferno Dungeon Location
  1. Head to the Inferno dungeon.
    • The Inferno dungeon is found in the Amber Sands of the Kehistan region.
    • Use the Jirandai WayPoint and make your way west to find the dungeon.
  2. Collect Animus from Animus Carriers.
    • Animus is a purple orb dropped by enemies with the title “Animus Carriers.”
  3. Deposit Animus.
    • Find the Urn at the end of the cavern and deposit all the Animus you’ve collected.
Urn Inferno Dungeon
  1. Travel to Blistering Caverns.
    • This is the location of your next objective.
  2. Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal.
    • In the picture below, the star is where you enter the Blistering Cavern. The #1 is the location of the Pedestal, and #2 is the location of the Bloodstone.
    • Following the path straight down from the Pedestal will lead you right to the Bloodstone.
Bloodstone Location Diablo 4
  1. After you return the Bloodstone, the path to the final boss fight will open up.
  2. Defeat the Scrouge of the Land.
    • This boss is very physical, so try to maintain your distance and avoid their ground pound attack as much as possible.
  3. Once the boss is defeated, you’ll complete the dungeon and obtain the Vengeful Aspect in Diablo 4.

This is a great ability to use with the Rogue, especially when you obtain the Aspect of Might to boost your defense and offense.

How to Use Vengeful Aspect

To use the Vengeful Aspect, players will need to head to the Occultist and imprint this Legendary Aspect onto a 1-Handed Weapon, 2-Handed Weapon, Gloves, Amulet, or a Ring.

The only class that can make use of the Vengeful Aspect is the Rogue class. Unfortunately, any other class cannot equip an item with that Legendary Aspect.

  1. Head to the Occultist.
    • There is one in every main town, including Kyovashad.
Occultist Diablo 4
  1. Speak to the Occultist to bring up the Imprint Aspect tab.
  2. Choose the gear you want to use to imprint the Vengeful Aspect.
    • Only a 1-Handed Weapon, 2-Handed Weapon, Gloves, Amulet, or Ring can use this Aspect.
  3. Pick the Vengeful Aspect from the Codex of Power.
Vengeful Aspect Diablo 4
  1. Pay the necessary material to imprint this Aspect onto your gear.
    • We recommend using a high-level rare item.
  2. Equip the gear to take advantage of the power that Vengeful Aspect provides.
    • Lucky Hit: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a 30% chance to grant 3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds, up to 9%.

This is how you use the Vengeful Aspect after you obtain it through the Inferno dungeon. But players can also find it on Legendary Gear from loot drops in Sanctuary.

What is the Vengeful Aspect?

The Vengeful Aspect is a Legendary Offensive Aspect that grants players a 30% chance to grant a 3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds with every hit.

This effect can stack up to three times for a total of 9% increased Critical Strike Chance. It’s a Legendary Aspect that only the Rogue class can use in Diablo IV.

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