One of the best ways to gain XP in Fortnite is by completing the weekly challenges, and this week the game tasks players with bouncing on a tire, lily pad, and an air vent.

The Fortnite map is quite extensive, so finding these can be time-consuming. However, this guide will show you exactly where you can find them!

Where to Find a Tire in Fortnite

Tires can be found across the map, but the most accessible places are at the Gas Station locations and the race track north of Mega City.

The race track scatters tires all around the edge of the circuit, so it’s easy to find them and jump on them in this location.

Mega City Race track Fortnite

Where to Find a Lily Pad in Fortnite

The best place to find lily pads in Fortnite is around the Steamy Springs area. We were able to find them in three different locations:

  • Pond #1 – Directly to the west of the Steamy Springs area.
  • Pond #2 – Northwest on the Steamy Springs area.
  • Pond #3 – West on the Steamy Springs area, between the road connecting Frenzy Fields and Mega City.

Lily pads are guaranteed spawns in these locations and can be found in the bodies of water shown in the map below:

Lily pad locations fortnite
Pond #1 – Red / Pond #2 – Blue / Pond #3 – Green

Where to Find an Air Vent in Fortnite

You can find air vents all over the Mega City POI. The best way to spot these is by flying into this location and looking at the roofs of the buildings.

Many of them are around this area, making it hard to miss them and we have marked some of them in the map below. You could can also use the new grind feature to move around the map quickly.

Air vent locations fortnite

How to Complete Bounce On a Tire, Lily Pad & Air Vent in One Match

Since all three of these items are nearby, finishing the task in just one game is possible. Head to one of the circled locations and reach the other two across the match.

  • Mega City – Air Vents
  • Race Track – Tires
  • Steamy Springs – Lily Pad
Tire Lily pad and vent locations

Of course, you must survive for a significant amount of time and have the best weapons in your five-item slots.

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