Key Points
Completion Time:
12 Minutes
Must Haves:
Pandemonium Hunting Board Request

The Stained Loincloth is one of the necessary materials to craft The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces in FF16, but it’s only found in one location.

As you journey as Clive, you’ll need to equip the strongest gear possible to face the dangers ahead. The Sons of Ouroboros are one of the best vambraces in Final Fantasy 16.

But to obtain this gear, you’ll first need to defeat one of the most powerful Notorious Marks. This is the only way to get the Stained Loincloth material, but don’t worry.

Our guide will help you easily locate this Notorious Mark to obtain the Stained Loincloth for all your crafting needs.

How to Get Stained Loincloth

Players looking to craft The Sons of Ouroboros with the Stained Loincloth will need to defeat the Pandemonium Notorious Mark location in Wolfdarr, Kingdom of Waloed.

  • Fast travel to the Shadow Coast Obelisk in the Kingdom of Waloed to reach this crafting materials location.
  • From the obelisk, head north until you reach a small town overrun by orcs.
  • Stick to the left until you see a path leading you to a small arena.
  • Walk toward the doors in the arena, and Pandemonium, The King of Orcs, will appear.
  • Defeat Pandemonium to obtain the Stained Loincloth material.
Stained Loincloth FF16
Start at the red circle and make your way to the red arrow.

This is the only location where players will find the Stained Loincloth in Final Fantasy 16. It is a rare material that only drops after completing the S-Rank Hunt.

How to Craft The Sons of Ouroboros & Stats

Players can use the Stained Loincloth in FF16 to craft The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces after completing the Blacksmith Blues III side quest to obtain the required blueprints.

The vambraces have 97 Defense and 32 Health. Once you’ve finished that quest, you can craft this piece of gear with the following materials:

  • Orichalcum x1
    • Obtained from hunts and quests.
  • Stained Loincloth x1
    • Obtained from Pandemonium
  • Morbol Flower x1
    • Obtained from Carrot, B-Rank Hunt.
Sons of Ouroboros Vambraces

The Blacksmith Blues 3 side quest will only appear after you finish the main quest, A Song of Hope. Without the blueprint from his quest, you can not craft The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces.