The Spider-Verse takeover of Fortnite is underway, and the Mythic Web Shooters have returned! This web-slinging item will have you traversing the map in no time!

Now, if you’re eager to unleash your inner Spider-Man and show off your web-slinging skills, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on this awesome item.

This piece of Mythic gear is now one of the best ways to move around the map, and we are here to take you through all the ways you can obtain the Spider-Verse Web Shooters in Fortnite!

How to Get the Spider-Verse Web Shooter in Fortnite

The Spider-Verse Web Shooters can be found in three ways in Fortnite:

  • Finding them in ground loot
  • Purchasing them from Spider-Gwen
  • Killing another player who has the item

The best method to obtain the Web Shooters is by buying them from the Spider-Gwen NPC. This is the only way to guarantee you receive one.

Of course, you will need to know the location of Spider-Gwen and have 600 gold bars ready to spend on them.

Spider-Verse Web Shooters for Sale in Fortnite

How to Use the Spider-Verse Web Shooters

To use the Web-Shooters, you must have them in hand and hold:

  • PlayStation: R2
  • Xbox: RT
  • PC: Left-Mouse button

Each Web-Shooter will have 80 uses, and you can swing until they run out. Additionally, there is a cooldown between uses if you hit the ground after swinging, with the cooldown varying based on how long you were airborne.

Moreover, the crossover doesn’t stop there! By acquiring his latest store bundle, players can transform into the heroic Miles Morales, the Spider-Man.

Spider-Verse Web Shooters in action
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