The Snowquill Armor is by far the best armor for any TOTK adventurer that is looking for help with surviving the freezing temperatures of Hyrule.

This armor will increase Link’s Cold Resistance and allow players to explore snowy landscapes without even a hint of fear. It is incredibly helpful, but players will need to travel quite a distance to obtain it.

Here is where you find the Snowquill Armor in Zelda: TOTK and how to add it to your inventory to survive even the harshest winter.

How to Get Snowquill Armor in TOTK

Players can get the Snowquill Armor Set by purchasing it at the Brazen Beak in Rito Village for a total of 2,150 Rupees. With its base stats, players will receive 9 Defense and 3 Cold Resistance from this armor.

This is currently the only way to obtain the Snowquill Armor Set, but there are other ways to increase Cold Resistance if you are trying to save on Rupees.

Rito Village is located in the northern area of the Tabantha Frontier after passing the Tabantha Great Bridge (Coordinates: -3625, 1798, 0187).

Rito Village TOTK Brazen Beak Location for Snowquill Armor

After you reach the Brazen Beak, you will need to purchase the Snowquill Armor separately. You can find each piece of armor displayed on a stand inside the store.

ArmorPriceBase Defense Stat
Snowquill Headdress650 Rupees3
Snowquill Trousers1000 Rupees3
Snowquill Tunic500 Rupees3

When Link equips all three set items, he obtains the set bonus Unfreezable. Unfreezable makes it so that Link cannot be frozen by ice attacks or elements.

Snowquill Armor Set TOTK

How to Upgrade Snowquill Armor Set

To upgrade the Snowquill Armor Set to 4 Stars, you’ll need to find and unlock the Great Fairy Fountains scattered throughout Hyrule.

After finding the Great Fairy Fountains, you’ll need to obtain the following materials:

LevelMaterials (Entire Set)Defense Total When Using Entire Set
1 Star30 Rupees
9 Red Chuchu Jelly
2 Star150 Rupees
9 Warm Safflina
15 Red Chuchu Jelly
3 Star 600 Rupees
15 Sunshroom
15 Fire Keese Wing
9 Fire-Breath Lizalfos
4 Star1,500 Rupees
15 Ruby
15 Fire-Breath Lizalfos Horn
30 Fire-Breath Lizalfos Tail

However, to activate the set bonus Unfreezable, all you need to do is equip all three set items. Upgrading your armor set will not increase the Cold Resistance of the Snowquill Armor.

You can also change the color of your Snowquill Armor Set by visiting the Kochie Dye Shop at Hateno Village and speaking to Sayge (Coordinates: 3401, -2154, 0124)