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Where to Find a PS5 Restock in May 2022

If you’re looking for a PS5 in May 2022, here are the retailers that you need to be checking.

It’s still tricky to buy a PS5, even a year and a half on from the release of Sony’s console. Before long, the next PlayStation will come around before some gamers have even laid eyes on this generation’s most in-demand device.

Already, we’re getting reports of the PS5 Pro coming soon. And with the PS VR2 release date just around the corner, Sony is about to have another piece of hardware that’s impossible to find.

But before then, we’ve got some advice to help you secure the PS5 in May 2022.

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All PS5 Restocks in May 2022

Before we get started with telling you exactly where to find the PS5, make sure you check out this new handy tool:

How to Beat Scalpers and Find Your PS5 or Xbox Series X


Target PS5 Restock

One of the best ways to get a PS5 right now is via Target. Recently, the major retailer began selling PS5 units in-store every day.

That’s not to say that your local store will have stock every 24 hours, however, you’ve got a good shot at the device when heading to Target first thing in the morning. Ask an employee in the electronics section and you may be in luck before long.

Best Buy

Best Buy PS5

Similar to Target, Best Buy also has PS5s available to buy for all those who have the app. Using this new Best Buy Toggle Trick, you’ll be able to get a console easily, even if the retailer is reporting the device is out of stock.

Interestingly, Best Buy is still restocking the console online from time to time, but it seems that you’re certainly able to purchase your PS5 in-store if the Toggle Trick proves there’s stock to buy.


GameStop PS5

As of yet, GameStop is still not allowing users to purchase the PS5 when walking into stores. However, the retailer does tend to host in-store restocks once a month.

GameStop’s latest PS5 restock was on April 23 and we anticipate another drop before long. Just be sure to get yourself a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership to be in with a shot at the console.

Also, be warned, GameStop still only sells PS5s in expensive bundles.


Walmart PS5

Although restocks have been slowing down in recent history, Walmart is never one to shy away from putting stock live. In fact, the retailer has been known to drop PS5 units that it doesn’t even have in stock.

If Walmart goes live again this month (and it almost certainly will), you may need to be a Walmart+ member to take advantage of the stock.

And when you place your order, don’t expect to get your PS5 anytime soon

Sony PlayStation Direct

PS Direct Drop PS5

Another relatively reliable location to get your PS5 console is directly from Sony. The publisher sells its stock directly to fans from time to time, which helps you get a good deal on the system, with no added extras.

Sign up for a PS5 restock here and you’ll be in with a chance at getting an invite when the PS Direct queues inevitably go live later this month.


PS5 Consoles

Amazon may not restock the PS5 as often as other major retailers, but the online store is at least somewhat reliable. It tends to be that Amazon has a PS5 restock at the end of each month, so we anticipate the next drop sometime after May 20.

In the past, Amazon has had issues with scalper bots snatching up stock before anyone can get it. However, given that we’re now 18 months into the console’s lifespan, it’s possible that most resellers have given up.

That’s all we know about getting your hands on a PS5 in May 2022 but we’ll be updating this article as specific dates and announcements go live. Be sure to check back soon for the latest information.

Don’t forget that these 3 new tiers are coming to PS Plus in just a few weeks! And for all those just getting their hands on the new hardware, here are the best PS5 games on the market so far.

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Monday 16th of May 2022

Don't buy at Wal-Mart, thay have raised the price by several Hundred dollars. Average price there is $723.70 for the Digital consolevs. The $399.99 everywhere else.