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Where to Find PlayStation 5 Stock for Tomorrow’s Launch Day

The PlayStation 5 is about to launch worldwide, following last week’s launch in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea. Here’s where to find the console in stock.

The PlayStation 5 has been hard to find ever since it first went up for pre-order. With many gamers in America discovering just how challenging it is to get hold of a PS5 on launch day, now it’s time for the rest of the world to experience the rush too.

For a week, those of us in Europe and other parts of the globe have been waiting to attempt the madness of the PlayStation 5 launch. Those looking to get their hands on a console on Day One will have to be quick on the draw.

PlayStation 5 stock
(Source: Sony)

But as for where to find a PlayStation 5, we’ve got a few ideas for where you should look.

Where to Find PlayStation 5 Stock on Launch Day 2.0

According to new reports, Amazon is emailing customers in Europe to confirm that it will have limited stock available to purchase tomorrow. Those looking to snatch up a PS5 should attempt to grab their next-gen console at 12 PM GMT / 1 PM CEST.

However, expect there to be a heavy flood of traffic on the site at that time, as gamers all over the globe attempt to get their hands on the tech. Comments online suggest that even some consumers in other regions may attempt to get hold of a PS5 to ship to America, in a desperate move to get a device before the restocks.

Retailer John Lewis is also confirming that it will have launch day stock of the PlayStation 5. However, even the company employees don’t seem to know when exactly the device will be launching.

Eager gamers should check the store’s website for further details when they become available.

Fans might have better luck at Currys PC World, where the PS5 sales go live at 9 AM GMT. However, there is a clear lack of communication on this company’s part too.

The Currys team is currently unaware of just how many units the site will be getting, so be sure to be early to this one.

Major video game retailer GAME will also have units for sale, beginning at 9 AM GMT. These sales, like many others, will be online only.

Let the Launch Day Mania Commence!

If you’re one of the thousands of people trying desperately to snatch up a PS5 before they’re all gone, stay calm and get all websites ready in advance. Not only will sites undergo tremendous strain tomorrow, but there are also only a limited number of next-gen consoles to go around.

Should you not manage to secure a PlayStation 5 on launch day, it’s not the end of the world. Although stock levels won’t quite meet the demand for months to come, there are sure to be a few units scattered here and there.

PS5 Controller
(Source: Sony)

Plus, there are only a few games exclusive to PlayStation 5 right now, despite an impressive launch line-up. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more are all very much playable on PS4.

Whatever you do, stay away from those reselling the console on eBay. Scalpers are already jacking up the prices to extortionate levels, and in a few months the PS5 will be readily available on store shelves everywhere.

For all those who are lucky enough to get hold of a console on launch day, make sure you’re playing the PS5 versions of your games. This sounds obvious, but the PlayStation 5 UI is leading to a lot of confusion at present.

One advantage of getting your PS5 later in life is that Sony has enough time to fix major hardware issues. Right now, PS5’s rest mode is bricking consoles, leading to some very unhappy gamers.

And for gamers in North America, a new leak reveals when Walmart will have PS5s back in stock.

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