The Onyx Hold is one of the many dungeons players will find in Diablo 4 that doubles as a Nightmare Dungeon when the player has the proper Nightmare Sigil.

This dungeon is also a popular stop for many adventurers since it provides a great amount of XP and the Storm Swell Offensive Aspect for sorcerers.

Thankfully, players can find the Onyx Hold pretty early in the game and use it to level up their class and obtain powerful skills before they head to face Lilith.

Onyx Hold Dungeon Diablo 4 Location

Players will find the Diablo 4 Onyx Hold dungeon in the Onyx Watchtower from the Dry Steppes Region. Fast Travel to the Onyx Watchtower Waypoint, and head west until you see a set of stairs heading down directly to the dungeon entrance.

Onyx Hold Location Diablo 4
Left: Onyx Watchtower Location
Right: Onyx Hold Location

Once inside, players will need to slay all of the enemies in the Rotting Penitentiary to unlock the next part of the dungeon.

Due to this dungeon having so many Elite enemies, players see it as a great way to farm XP and items. To properly farm the Onyx Hold Dungeon, you will need to defeat all the enemies and then quit back to the main menu.

When you load back into the game as your character, the Onyx Hold dungeon will reset, allowing you to defeat all enemies again in the initial phase.

This dungeon is also a great location to do Nightmare Dungeons because of its objective of slaying all the enemies since it allows players to farm for some Legendary Gear.

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