As they adventure through FF16, players will come across the Muddy Murder Notorious Mark in the Hunting Board that will require them to slay the Flan Prince.

Muddy Murder is one of these quests that Nektar the Moogle offers to the player. It offers players a chance to obtain one of the materials needed to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelet.

But to unlock it, players will need to slay the Flan Prince, a powerful flan beast that can bend its shape and conjure powerful magick.

FF16 Muddy Murder Location

The Muddy Murder Flan Prince is found in the northern area of the Hawk’s Cry Cliff in the Imperial Province of Rosaria.

Players will need to fast-travel to the Hawk’s Cry Cliff Obelisk and head north to meet with this Notorious Mark.

Muddy Murder Location FF16

The Flan Prince won’t show itself until you head near the grassy plains that it hunts on. Once you are close enough, you’ll watch a shortcut scene where the Flan Prince springs up from under the ground.

After the first time that you encounter the Flan Prince, you’ll see a Notorious Mark icon at its location until you defeat it.

How to Defeat Flan Prince – Tips & Strategy

To defeat the Muddy Murder, Flan Prince, players will need to take advantage of the time it takes to cast its spells and unleash powerful combos to stagger it.

  • The Flan Prince attacks using various magicks and its shape-shifting body.
  • When it starts to cast a spell, use your Eikon abilities to do damage.
  • Avoid its hands when they grow large. This is one of the Flan Prince’s most powerful attacks.
    • After you avoid the initial attack, keep dodging since the Flan Prince will follow up a few more times before slamming the ground.
  • Use Precision Dodge to evade its Firaga and Tornado while setting up a counter.
  • The Flan Prince has a wide variety of attacks and uses them frequently. It’s best not to get too greedy with an attack and pull away when you see the flan getting ready to attack.

Once you defeat the Flan Prince, you will receive 12,000 Gil, 30 Renown, and the rare crafting material Gelatinous Mass.

Where to Use Gelatinous Mass

Players will need the Gelatinous Mass to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, one of the most powerful pieces of gear Clive can obtain.

Once you obtain the Gelatinous Mass, you’ll still need to find the following ingredients to craft the bracelets:

  • 1x Dragon Talon
  • 20x Briar Clam Shell
    • Found in chests in Rosaria or purchased from Charon’s Toll.
  • 1x Scarletite
Drakeslayer's Bracelets FF16

The Drakeslayer’s Bracelets have a base Defense of 74 and an HP of 23. They are more than enough to carry Clive through the first 2/3 of FF16.

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