Urzikstan has a new Krampus Easter egg for Warzone players to discover – here’s where to find the terrifying festive creature.

Longtime Warzone fans will remember just how horrifying Krampus was in Caldera. Squads who were targeted by Krampus would have to watch their backs, or risk the mythical creature spawning behind them and executing them with an instant-kill animation.

Players who defeated Krampus would secure themselves some powerful rewards, but this was incredibly challenging without a full squad firing on him.

And if the devil of Christmas decided to target you in the endgame of a match, you could kiss your chances of winning goodbye. Now, Krampus has returned to Warzone as a fun new Easter egg.

Krampus Easter Egg Location

Krampus’ hand can be found protruding from the ground on the northwest riverbank of Urzikstan’s central island in Warzone (E4 on the Tac Map).

Where to Find Krampus' Hand in Urzikstan

By the water to the northwest of Old Town, across from Urzikstan Cargo, players can find Krampus’ hand reaching out from the dirt.

When close enough, this hand will even be indicated to you on the screen.

Where to Find Krampus in Warzone

Pressing Square/X/F to interact with Krampus’ hand will cause the message ‘Krampus Is Hunting You!’ to appear on your screen.

This references how Krampus would spawn and attack players back in Caldera’s Festive Fervor event.

Krampus is hunting you Warzone

However, this time, the message also reads ‘Hunt Canceled. Krampus Under Crate.’

Calling Card Reward

Players don’t have to fear the mythical menace, as he’s currently stuck and unable to move. However, they will be rewarded for finding him by receiving a unique animated Calling Card: ‘He Hunts You.’

He Hunts You Calling Card in Warzone

You’ll need to be quick if you’re looking to unlock this Calling Card. The Warzone Christmas event is currently scheduled to come to an end on January 3, 2024.

It’s likely that Krampus will disappear at this point, alongside the rest of the festive Warzone content.

And immediately after that, the special Call of Duty Vortex event is set to begin!

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