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Where to Find the Infernus in GTA Vice City? Locations and Areas

GTA Vice City gives players plenty of options to get around the expansive map of Vice City.

From mopeds to supercars, players can pick and choose any car or vehicle they want. 

Among the many good cars in GTA Vice City, a popular and great offering is the Infernus.

In Grand Theft Auto, the Infernus is a sports car and was first added to GTA III. The car is sporty and fun to drive in nature.

GTA Vice City
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There are several ways you can get the Infernus car. This article will walk you through each of them and help you in obtaining the Infernus.

Meanwhile, here are some of the best vehicles you can find in the game:

How to get the Infernus Car in GTA Vice City?

In GTA Vice City, there are three different locations where you can find the Infernus car.

Here are all the locations that you can visit in the game:

  • Before completing the Rub Out mission, an Infernus car can be found in random colors in front of the Vercetti Estate. After the Rub Out mission is performed, a white one will always spawn on the grounds of the Vercetti Estate.
  • Another one spawns on a platform in the North Point Mall as part of the mall’s raffle ticket competition. You can steal the car from there.
  • The third Infernus car can be found in and around Starfish Island, Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, and Vice Point.

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infernus GTA Vice City Guide
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Don’t forget, you can also spawn in the Infernus for free with a Vice City cheat code!

In GTA Vice City, Lance Vance also owns the Infernus car in a unique white color. The car also spawns at the mansion after killing Ricardo Diaz, making the vehicle available for the remainder of the game.

The Infernus car first appeared after Tommy kills Leo Teal in an alley and then emerges again during Guardian Angels’ mission. 

You can also find the Infernus in San Andreas and every Grand Theft Auto title since Vice City!

But demolition fans might prefer to steal this tank in Vice City instead!

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