Fortnite’s latest update brings the thrilling Spider-Verse takeover to the game, featuring the return of Spider-Gwen.

You might remember Spider-Gwen from her previous appearance in Fortnite as a skin, but this time she’s taking on a new role as an NPC.

If you’re itching to meet her and join in on the web-slinging fun, you’re probably wondering where you can find the Spider-Verse character in Fortnite. We have you covered!

Gwen’s Location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Gwen can be found in the Slappy Shores point of interest. The Spider-Gwen NPC will be located on the roof of one of the buildings, and from our testing, she spawns on a different rooftop each match.

Players will need to climb up ontop of the building roof to speak with her. Once you have found her, you can interact and spend your gold on the items she sells.

With this latest crossover, it is not only Gwen Stacy making an appearance in Fortnite. A new Miles Morales bundle is available, meaning you can also play as this web-slinging hero!

Gwen Fortnite Location

What Items Does Gwen Sell in Fortnite?

Fortnite players can purchase an item from Gwen as well. The Spider-Gwen NPC sells Shield Kegs for 250 gold bars and the Spider-Verse Web Shooters for 600 gold bars.

Additionally, the first time you interact with her in a game, she will drop a free healing item such as Med Mist or Mini Shields.

Gwen Stacy can be an excellent NPC to interact with if you run into trouble and are low on HP. Her items will have you at full health in no time!

Items Gwen is selling
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