If you’re hoping to win your next match, you may need the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite.

The latest weapon to make its debut in Fortnite is the Explosive Goo Gun, a strange addition to the loot pool, but one that is certainly exciting.

A weapon which could end up controversial due to its sheer power shoots a flow of lava with delayed explosions.

You may end up incredibly frustrated if you come up against this and haven’t found one yourself.

Where to Find the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite & Map

The Explosive Goo Gun can be found in floor loot, chests and supply drops. It is easiest to find in the following locations:

  • Sleepy Sound
  • Chrome Crossroads
  • Rocky Reels
  • Tilted Towers
Explosive Goo Gun Best Locations in Fortnite

Currently, the only rarity of the Explosive Goo Gun is Blue (Rare).

While these aren’t the only locations to find this new weapon, these are the spots we recommend you go to. However, you can head to any of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 to find it.

Explosive Goo Gun as floor loot in Sleepy Sound in Fortnite
Explosive Goo Gun on the floor in Sleepy Sound

What is the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite?

The Explosive Goo Gun is a weapon that fires a strange orange liquid in Fortnite, that after a short amount of time, detonates to deal damage.

Firing the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite

It’s the weapon equivalent of firing sticky grenades. When it lands on an object or an enemy, it’ll stick, before exploding and dealing decent damage.

Unfortunately, you can’t find ammunition for this weapon separately. That means it is limited to the 200 capacity that it has when you pick it up. It also requires reloading, as each magazine only holds 20 ‘shots’.

However, we’ve found it to be fairly powerful. It can easily take down enemy shields and health and can be used to destroy structures opponents are hiding in.

You may find it easier to pick one of these up if you head to one of the vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

If you can’t seem to find an Explosive Goo Gun, you could use the EvoChrome weapons in Fortnite, as they saw a buff recently.

Is the Explosive Goo Gun Worth Using?

We’d say that the Explosive Goo Gun is definitely worth picking up in any Fortnite matches where you find it.

While the damage it provides isn’t the strongest in the game, the sticky nature of the goo makes it great in both Zero Build and normal Fortnite.

It is especially strong against enemies in Zero Build though. This is because it can practically take down the Overshield and standard shields of players, so long as you get enough goo on them.

How to Defend Yourself Against the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite

The best way to deal with the Explosive Goo Gun is by staying at mid to long range or using lots of cover.

Shooting the Explosive Goo Gun in Fortnite

The Explosive Goo Gun is strongest when it directly sticks to you, but it doesn’t have the greatest range. Using a sniper or an assault rifle will help take down anyone using this weapon.

Unfortunately, you may be caught off-guard sometimes in close quarters. In these situations, we recommend using cover or building to protect yourself. Or you could try using utility items to widen the gap between yourself and the enemy.

Worst comes to worst, you could also run at the enemy if they manage to hit you with goo. This way, when it explodes, they’ll also take damage.

Finally, make sure to pick up some stronger weapons from any Holo-Chests in Fortnite. This way, you’ll have higher damage against opponents.

Once you’ve played a few matches against the Explosive Goo Gun, you should know what to expect in future matches.