Something fascinating is stirring beneath the Fortnite Island as excavation camps have suddenly popped up.

On top of this, cracks within the ground have also started to appear, and it seems people are trying to understand what is happening. These archaeological sites have been created to investigate the cracks.

While we wait for this mystery to unfold, players can earn a ton of XP by visiting these excavation camps as part of the Week 12 challenges!

Excavation Camp Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Players can find the excavation camps in the following locations:

All three of these locations are close to each other. This means it is possible to complete this challenge in one match.

Excavation Camp Locations Fortnite

Several players will be attempting to obtain this XP, making it quite dangerous. Ensure you stock up on weapons and shields before adventuring to these spots.

While not much is known about these excavation sites and the cracks in the ground, it could lead us into the theme for the next Fortnite season.

North of Anvil Square

  • This camp is directly north of the Anvil Square point of interest.
Excavation Camp Location 1 Fortnite

On the road leading northwest from Mega City

  • This excavation camp is on the road which leads northwest out of Mega City. Players will find this location at the point the biome changes.
Camp location 2

South of Anvil Square

  • Players can find this camp to the south of Anvil Square. It is by the southside of the lake at this point of interest.
Excavation Camp Location 3Fortnite
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