In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a total of 14 astronomy tables located throughout the world. All of them are marked on your map and visible by zooming in.

Astronomy tables will be available after completing the first Astronomy class and meeting Amit Thakkar in this class.

Since zooming in on particular areas of the map is required, astronomy tables can be quite hard to find.

Of course, the astronomy tables are not the only difficult thing to find in Hogwarts Legacy! Make sure you know where to find every Demiguise Moon so you can unlock a ton of locked doors!

Astronomy Table Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Southern Hogwarts Region – Scorpius

  • Astronomy Table #1
    • Located at the top of a hill at the northernmost point of the Southern Hogwarts Region
Astronomy table 1 Hogwarts Legacy

North Ford Bog – Centaurus

  • Astronomy Table #2
    • Located at San Bakar’s Tower in the North Ford Bog area
Astronomy table 2 Hogwarts Legacy

Hogsmeade Valley – Leo

  • Astronomy Table #3
    • Located to the west of the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame
Astronomy table 3 Hogwarts Legacy

Forbidden Forest – Draco

  • Astronomy Table #4
    • Located east of the West Forbidden Forest Floo Flame
Astronomy table 4 Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Castle – Phoenix

  • Astronomy Table #5
    • Located in the westmost part of Hogwarts near The Bell Tower Wing
Astronomy table 5 Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Valley – Capricornus & Corvus

  • Astronomy Table #6
    • Located by the Keenbridge Floo Flame, across the bridge, and on top of the castle structure
Astronomy table  6 Hogwarts Legacy
  • Astronomy Table #7
    • Located near the Brocburrow Floo Flame, on the hill to the south
Astronomy table 7 Hogwarts Legacy

Feldcroft – Lacerta & Horologium

  • Astronomy Table #8
    • Found in the northmost area of Feldcroft on top of the mountain
Astronomy table 8 Hogwarts Legacy
  • Astronomy Table #9
    • Located on the westernmost point of Feldcroft, on a cliff overlooking the coast
Astronomy table 9 Hogwarts Legacy

Poidsear Coast – Hydra

  • Astronomy Table #10
    • Found at the southernmost point of the Poidsear Coast, on top of a mountain
Astronomy table 10 Hogwarts Legacy

Marunweem Lake – Canis Major

  • Astronomy Table #11
    • Found on the South East of Marunweem Lake
Table 11

Manor Cape – Sagittarius

  • Astronomy Table #12
    • Found at the most southern part of Manor Cape
Table 12

Clagmar Coast – Lupus

  • Astronomy Table #13
    • Found at the southernmost part of the Hogwarts Legacy map
Table 13

Cragfortshire – Cetus

  • Astronomy Table #14
    • Located on the southernmost mountain of Cragfortshire
Table 14

There are also a ton of Landing Pads you can discover around the Hogwarts Universe! However, you will first need to know how to unlock flying mounts.

How to Unlock Astronomy Tables

Before you begin searching and completing the astronomy tables, you will need to complete the first Astronomy class.

Here you will meet Amit Thakkar, a student who will tell you about astronomy tables and show you the first one.

How to Complete an Astronomy Table in Hogwarts Legacy

To complete an astronomy table, you will need to interact with it at night and match the constellation shape up with the stars you see in the telescope.

The best way to do this is to match the largest circle with the brightest star while zooming in and out. You will also need to rotate the telescope in some cases to match it.

Also, astronomy tables are only able to be interacted with at night. To change the time of day, simply press RS/R3.

Change time of day Hogwarts Legacy

 All Rewards for Collecting 15 Astronomy Tables

For finding every astronomy table, you will unlock a bunch of cosmetic items:

  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s Scarf
  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s Ensemble
  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s Cape
Astronomy Table Rewards

Of course, to equip these, you will need to know how to change gear appearance or transmog in Hogwarts Legacy!

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