Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
Scarletite, Meteorite, XP, AP, Renown, and Gil.
Must Haves:
Blacksmith Blues Side Quest

In FF16, players will eventually receive access to hunts, like Dozmare the Griffin, that provide them with challenging battles against strong enemies.

These battles will feature enemies that are a few levels higher than the player, often displaying unique and fresh set of attacks.

The Dozmare Griffin is not only hard to find but also one of the more difficult hunts in Valisthea. Its quick attacks and wind magick make it a tough foe.

Thankfully, you’re not facing this challenge alone! We are here to tell you everything you need to know to find Griffin in FF16, exploit its weaknesses, and reap all the rewards.

Dozmare Griffin Location + Map

You can find Dozmare the Griffin by approaching the grassy fields south of the Caer Norvent River Gate in Norvent Valley. As you approach, it will appear overlooking the plains from the castle walls.

Griffin Location FF16 Dozmare

At first, the Griffin will remain hidden, but once players approach the grassy fields, they will trigger a cutscene and begin the battle.

How to Easily Defeat Dozmare Griffin – Tips & Strategy

To defeat the Dozmare Griffin easily, you’ll want to avoid its diving attack while inflicting damage with quick counters.

  • The Dozmare Griffin has multiple attacks that lunge at you.
    • If you dodge these attacks, you will have a large window to deal damage while the Griffin regains its balance.
  • The most powerful ability that the Griffin uses is when it rises into the air and dives straight toward you. Once they hit the floor, the Griffin will send out a shockwave of wind damage.
    • Use your dodge here to avoid any possible damage.
  • Dozmare the Griffin has plenty of wind-magick attacks at their disposal, so players will need to constantly dodge to avoid getting taken out early in the fight.
  • Use Garuda’s Eikon abilities when the Griffin stops to catch their breath to do massive damage to its stagger meter.

We recommend mastering some of your Core abilities to ensure that you have a larger window to use Precision Dodge and counter-attack.

Griffin Defeated FF16

How to Get Griffin Hunt

To obtain the Griffin Hunt in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll need to initiate the Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest in The Hideaway and speak to Nektar the Moogle.

Griffin Sighting Hunt Board

Speak to August, and he’ll tell you that Blackthorne is going through a rough patch. Through some dialogue, you’ll come to find that it’s because he missed out on a high-quality item.

Eventually, you’ll be tasked with asking Nektar the Moogle about any Griffin sightings in the area. This will unlock the Dozmare Griffin B-Rated Hunt.

The Hunt Board won’t unlock for players until about midway through the main campaign.

Once you’ve obtained the Hunt Board, complete the Black Light Burns story mission, and you’ll see the Blacksmith’s Blues Side Quest on your map.