Players will need to ring different gongs across Fortnite’s expansive maps in order to complete the Week 6 Challenge “Ring 3 Different Gongs.”

This article will show exactly where to find three different gongs in Fortnite and how to ring them once you get there.

Gong Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Players are guaranteed to find gongs in the following locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • Fireglow Sanctuary
  • Cedar Circle
  • Kenjutsu Crossing
the south part of the Fortnite map with gong locations circled

Once you’ve found these three gongs, you should start looking for all three Monoliths in Fortnite to complete the other tricky Week 6 quest.

Gongs are found exclusively on the southeast side of the map near Kenjutsu Crossing, Steamy Springs, and Knotty Nets.

They can be found outside of most buildings in that part of the map as well as all of the named locations outside of Mega City.

You will also find a guaranteed gong in each of the four dueling circles, Cedar Circle, Bamboo Circle, Sakura Circle, and Sandy Circle. The dueling circles appear as grey circles on your map.

Check out the video from Youtuber NOOB NOOB FRUIT below to find all four dueling circles in Fortnite:

How to Find Gongs – Fortnite Week 6 Quest Guide

Fireglow Sanctuary Gong

The Fireglow Sanctuary gong can be found outside the castle building on the edge of the platform overlooking Mega City.

Players will find Fireglow Sanctuary south of Slappy Shores and northeast of Mega City.

the gong outside of Fireglow Sanctuary overlooking Mega City

Cedar Circle Gong

The Cedar Circle gong is located right by the circle next to a group of trees.

Players can find the Cedar Circle gong southeast of Fireglow Sanctuary and northwest of Knotty Nets.

the gong at the Cedar Circle Duelling Field

Kenjutsu Crossing Gong

The Kenjutsu Crossing gong is located right by the entrance to the castle next to the Capture Point.

Players can find Kenjutsu Crossing east of Steamy Springs and south of Mega City.

the gong in Kenjutsu Crossing next to the capture point

How to Ring Gongs in Fortnite

To ring a gong in Fortnite, you just need to hit it with your Pickaxe. Once you do, the gong will make a loud sound, and it will be counted towards the Challenge goal.

You only need to ring each gong once for it to count, and you don’t need to ring all three gongs within the same match. However, you must ring a different gong every time, even if you start a new match.

Of course, when you ring the gong, the loud sound it makes is sure to alert other players to your location. So, you should come prepared with the best weapons in Fortnite to ensure you survive any attack.

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