You’ll grow used to grinding while playing Diablo 4, but some areas, like the Cannibals’ Hold, make it much more manageable.

Cannibal’ Hold is a Sanctuary Cellar mini-dungeon that spawns various cannibals. These mini-dungeons appear on your map with a small trap door icon and are quick to clear.

However, some players have found that the Cannibals’ Hold in Diablo 4 may sometimes glitch and spawn infinite mobs.

This can make your grind a whole lot easier and increase the odds of farming Legendary Gear.

Cannibals’ Hold Location in Diablo IV

Getting to the Cannibals’ Hold requires only a trip to the Dry Steppes area, where you can find this mini-dungeon at the Untamed Scraps, north of the Jirandai Waypoint.

Cannibals' Hold Location Diablo 4
Start in the Green Circle (Jirandai Waypoint) and make your way to the Red Circle (Cannibals’ Hold).
  1. Fast travel to Jirandai Waypoint in the Dry Steppes.
  2. Travel up north through the Untamed Scraps.
  3. You’ll come across Cannibals’ Hold Cellar, a hole in the ground that is glowing bright gold.
  4. Enter the Cellar to begin farming XP.

The Cellar itself hosts a few cannibals that players can quickly dispose of. Some elites may spawn, but it’s not too difficult to clear.

After you clear the Cellar, a chest will spawn at the end that players can open for some decent rewards.

Diablo 4 Cellar Glitch – Does it Work?

Some players have reported that the Cannibals’ Hold Cellar is glitched and will spawn infinite mobs. To trigger this, players will need to enter the Cellar when a hostage event appears.

  • When you enter the Cannibals’ Hold and see a Hostage event, you’ll need to leave the area so that the mob can kill all three hostages.
  • Now you’ll want to wait until the event is running out of time and gather all the enemies once only a few seconds remain.
  • As soon as it hits 0 seconds, kill all the enemies on screen at once with an AoE attack.
  • The Cellar will say it’s completed, but monsters will keep spawning.

You can see this entire process in the video shown below.

This allows players to farm endless amounts of XP and Legendary Gear. Blizzard is usually quick to patch exploits, so this will likely be removed from the game sooner than later.

Thankfully, players can still farm plenty of XP from some of the Dungeons found in Sanctuary.