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Where to Find & Spawn a Caddy in GTA Vice City? Location & Walkthrough

Looking for a Caddy in Grand Theft Auto Vice City? Here’s where to find the popular golf vehicle.

GTA Vice City is a game that was ahead of its time in many ways. From heavy-duty tanks to golf carts, the game had everything one could think of. 

Caddy is one such vehicle in the game. Basically, it’s a golf cart with an open-air design and is powered by an electric engine. 

With GTA Vice City, Rockstar allowed players the freedom of almost everything. You could dress up in full golf attire and drive around a golf Caddy on the road.

How to get the Caddy in GTA Vice City
Rockstar Games

While the Caddy isn’t as impressive or stylish as the fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, it still is a fun vehicle to drive around.

If you have wanted to get the Caddy in GTA Vice City, this article will guide you in getting one in the game.

Alternatively, here’s how to get your hands on a tank in Vice City, when you’re feeling like a proper rampage.

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How to Get the Caddy in GTA Vice City?

Despite its mediocre looks and performance, the Caddy is one of the most entertaining vehicles to drive in Grand Theft Auto.

Being a golf car, the Caddy can be found in and around golf courses in the game.

You can find a Caddy around the Leaf Links golf course. The golfers mostly drive the golf cart and you can knock one out to get the vehicle.

How to get Caddy in GTA Vice City
Rockstar Games

There’s also a Caddy parked in a bush in Ocean Beach near the lighthouse. This unique vehicle was only found on online forums years after release, making it one of GTA’s greatest mysteries!

If all else fails, you can always use the cheat code for spawning the Caddy and making it fly in GTA Vice City!

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