Players looking to complete the “Collect Birthday Presents” quest in Fortnite will need to know where they can find them first.

As part of Fortnite’s ongoing birthday celebrations, players can participate in some birthday-themed quests. One quest requires players to locate Birthday Presents.

Fortunately, finding them isn’t hard. Below, we have outlined exactly where you should look for Birthday Presents in Fortnite.

Where to Find Birthday Presents in Fortnite

Players can find Birthday Presents as Legendary floor loot and in chests across the island in Fortnite. They are most likely to spawn near Birthday Cakes, which can be found at every major POI.

The best places to look for Birthday Presents in Fortnite are:

  • Eclipsed Estate
  • Sanguine Suites
  • Cheeky Compound
  • Mega City
A map showing the best locations of birthday presents in Fortnite

You just need to pick up 3 Birthday Presents in order to complete the quest “Collect Birthday Presents” and earn 20,000XP.

What Do Birthday Presents Do in Fortnite?

Birthday Presents are a throwable item in Fortnite that players can select from their Weapon bar and throw at the ground to spawn a giant present.

You can then break into the present after throwing it down to find Epic and Legendary loot inside as well as helpful consumables.

Of course, other players will be able to see the giant present suddenly pop up if they’re nearby. So, make sure you’ve got decent weapons to protect yourself before throwing one down.

Giant birthday present next to a birthday cake in Fortnite
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