The Belphegor is a nasty dragon aevis that players need to defeat as an assignment from the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy XVI. This beast uses fire and its large claws to lunge at its prey.

Players will find the Belphegor as one of the first Notorious Mark hunts when they first unlock the Hunt Board.

As a B-Rank Hunt, this flying beast’s attacks pack a powerful punch. Thankfully, the location where Belphegor is in FF16 offers plenty of space and will take Clive to view some familiar sights.

Belphegor Notorious Mark Hunt Location

Players can face Belphegor in The Broken Hilt, Rosaria, just south of Eastpool on a small hill that overlooks the town.

  1. Fast travel to the Eastpool Obelisk.
  2. Make your way south to the wheat fields.
  3. Once you reach the wheat fields, head left towards the path just behind the houses.
Belphegor Hunt Location FF16

Defeating Belphegor in FF16 will reward players with 8,000 Gil, 20 Renown, and 2 Dragon Talons (Crafting Material).

If you haven’t unlocked hunts yet, you’ll need to complete “The Gathering Storm” main story quest and then speak to Nektar.

How to Easily Defeat Belphegor in FF16 – Tips & Strategy

To defeat Belphegor, players will need to dodge its attacks and quickly follow up with Garuda’s Eikon abilities to stagger it and do massive damage.

  • Players will need to stay on their toes to avoid its close-range claw attacks. After a successful dodge, follow up with their own counter using Precision Dodge.
    • Make sure to Master Precision Dodge to increase your window of opportunity.
  • When Belphegor uses its flame breath, it will use it twice in a row. Don’t attack relentlessly after you dodge the first one, or you’ll get caught up in the second hit.
  • If you are hit with a wing blast, then you’ll want to spam the dodge button because Belphegor follows it up with a powerful dive attack.
  • Use Garuda’s Eikon abilities to destroy Belphegor’s stagger meter. When it hits half point, use Deadly Embrace to pull down the flying beast and launch a flurry of attacks.
Belphegor Slain
Belphegor Slain.

Make sure you take plenty of potions to this fight. Belphegor’s attacks are powerful, so you want to have full health for as much of the fight as possible.