Key Points
Completion Time:
12 Minutes
Aspect of Might
Must Haves:
Complete Act 3 Main Quest Whittling Sanity.

The Aspect of Might in Diablo 4 is a powerful Defensive Legendary Aspect that allows players to reduce the incoming damage for a few seconds.

It is a great addition to any of the Sorceress and Rogue builds due to how low their health pool and defense are compared to the other classes.

To make the most of this skill, you’ll need to understand how to trigger its activation requirements and where to find the Legendary Aspect in Sanctuary.

How to Get Aspect of Might in Diablo 4

Players can find the Aspect of Might by completing the Dark Ravine dungeon in the Tusmaa Rift of the Dry Steppes region.

You must complete the Act 3 Main Quest, Whittling Sanity, to access the area that the Aspect of Might is located in.

Aspect of Might Location Diablo 4
  1. Head to the Ked Bardu Waypoint in the Dry Steppes.
  2. Take the eastern exit out of town and follow the road.
  3. Eventually, you’ll see a tree with red leaves and a small entrance to your left. Head into this entrance.
Road to Aspect of Might
  1. Follow the path shown in the map above to head straight to the Dark Ravine dungeon.
  2. Once you reach the location, enter the Dark Ravine to begin the dungeon.
  3. The first dungeon objection will have you collect animus, a purple orb enemy drop, from the different enemies around the dungeon.
  4. These enemies will have “Animus Carrier” under their name.
  5. After gathering the required amount of animus, head to the end of the current path to find the Animus Urn.
Animus Urn
  1. Deposit all the animus into the urn to continue the dungeon.
  2. The next part of the dungeon will have players slay three “Favored” enemies. These are elites with the tag Favored under their name.
  3. After defeating all three elites, go to the Ritual Chamber to fight Mother’s Judgement.
    • This boss uses plenty of ranged attacks. It is best to keep your distance and wait until after her spell is cast to attack.
  4. Once Mother’s Judgement is defeated, you’ll have successfully completed the Dark Ravine dungeon in Diablo 4 and unlocked the Aspect of Might.

After completing the Aspect of Might dungeon, players will have this Legendary Aspect in their Codex of Power to use on any of their items.

How to Use Aspect of Might

To use the Aspect of Might, players will need to make their way to The Occultist and imprint it onto a piece of armor using the Codex of Power.

  1. Head to any of the main towns to find an Occultist.
    • The Occultist appears on the map as a magic sigil.
Occultist Diablo 4
  1. Speak to the Occultist and use the first tab to imprint an Aspect.
  2. Choose the gear you want to use alongside the Aspect of Might.
  3. Pick the Aspect of Might from the Codex of Power.
Aspect of Might Codex of Power
  1. Pay the necessary materials to imprint this Legendary Aspect onto your gear.
  2. Equip the gear. Once equipped, players will receive the benefit of the aspect, which is 20% Damage Reduction for (2-6) seconds when they use their Basic Skills.

That is how you get the Aspect of Might on the gear of your choice in Diablo 4. But there is also the possibility that you’ll find Legendary gear around Sanctuary with this power already on it.

What is the Aspect of Might?

The Aspect of Might is a Legendary Defensive Aspect that grants players a 20% Damage Reduction for (2-6) seconds when they use their Basic Skills.

The amount of time depends on the Legendary Gear crafted, with the best possible being 6 seconds.

Players can equip it with any Armor, Shield, or Amulet. When equipped with an Amulet, its power is increased by 50%.

It is best used with the Sorcerer and Rogue since their defensive stats are lower compared to the other classes.

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