If you’re looking for Link’s shirt in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, here’s where to find the Archaic Tunic right near the beginning of the game!

As was the case in Breath of the Wild, TOTK gives Link an assortment of clothing to wear. Clothes offer both protective benefits and the ability to customize our hero’s style however you see fit.

However, those with amiibo will be able to unlock some iconic Legend of Zelda outfits that the rest of us may never see!

Link’s Archaic Tunic can be found in Pondside Cave (Coordinates: 0143, -1638, 1378) on the southwest side of the Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where To Find Link's Archaic Shirt Tunic Tears of the Kingdom
Credit: PerfectParadox

Pondside Cave is located at the above point on the Tears of the Kingdom map, near the In-Isa Shrine. To get there, face out from the Shrine entrance, head right, and down the stone steps.

Head past the enemy constructs and Chuchus, and you’ll be able to go down more stairs until you come across a cave.

Archaic Tunic Location Pondside Cave Tears of the Kingdom
Credit: PerfectParadox

At the very end of the cave’s winding tunnels, you’ll find the Archaic Tunic waiting in a chest. There will be a Bubbulfrog and multiple Keese to fight or run past, but the cave has no real threats or puzzles to solve.

And now you know how to find Link’s (very easy-to-miss) Archaic Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom, finally giving our hero a shirt to wear.

How To Get Archaic Tunic In The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Unfortunately, the Tunic only offers an Armor of 1, so expect to replace it rather soon.

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