The Ancient Arowana is a very rare fish in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll need to get one to complete the main story. Luckily, catching one is very easy once you know the location where they spawn.

To complete Sidon of the Zora and save Zora’s Domain, you need to swim up waterfalls. This is an ability granted only by the Zora Armor. And to get the Zora Armor, you first need to give an Ancient Arowana to Yona.

While Yona directs you towards the blacksmith Dento, who can give you the whereabouts of this elusive fish, you can skip that step entirely and get yourself an Ancient Arowana in a matter of seconds!

Fastest Way to Get Ancient Arowana in TOTK

The fastest way to get an Ancient Arowana in Tears of the Kingdom is by heading back to the tutorial area, the Great Sky Island.

Plenty of these rare fish spawn in the ponds and lakes you can find in the starting area of the game.

For the absolute fastest way to get an Ancient Arowana, follow these steps:

  • Fast travel to the Nachoyah Shrine.
Nachoyah Shrine Location TOTK
  • Use Ascend to get to the top of the mountain.
  • Head to the north edge of the mountain where the Zonai Wing ramp is.
Ancient Arowana Island TOTK
  • Paraglide down to the small sky island with a large pond in it, just to the north.
Ancient Arowana Island Glide TOTK
  • Use your bow to shoot the Ancient Arowana in the pond, so they don’t swim away.
Shoot Ancient Arowana TOTK
  • Pick up all of the Ancient Arowana you shoot.
Pick Up Ancient Arowana TOTK

Four or five Ancient Arowana spawn in this pond, so you may as well pick up as many of these elusive fish as you can! However, you only need one to get the Zora Armor from Yona.

After claiming the Zora Armor, you may also want to pick up some of the best armor sets in TOTK! After all, plenty of these armor sets have powerful unique abilities.

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