Players will need to locate All Might Supply Drops in Fortnite to complete the Deku Quest, “Assist in searching 3 All Might’s Supply Drops.”

The All Might Supply Drops have made a return in Fortnite after previously appearing in the last My Hero Academia crossover event in Chapter 4 Season 1.

Fortunately, they’re very easy to find in this latest crossover event, and players shouldn’t have any issues completing this quest.

Where to Find All Might Supply Drops in Fortnite

All Might Supply Drops spawn at random locations across the island after the first storm circle appears.

Despite not having a fixed location, you can spot where they will land on your mini-map by looking for the All Might icon (see image below).

The minimap in Fortnite showing the All Might Supply Drop location

To open one of these Supply Drops, hold Square/X/E when next to it. If you’re going to try and open one of them, then come prepared, as lots of other players are likely hunting them down as well.

What Are All Might Supply Drops?

All Might Supply Drops are a reskin of the Supply Drop and appear exclusively during My Hero Academia events.

They are guaranteed to contain the My Hero-themed Mythic Abilities, Deku Smash, and Todoroki’s Ice Wall. You will also find consumables like shields, ammo, and medkits inside.

These Supply Drops are visually different from the original Supply Drop, as the box is red and yellow, and the balloon resembles the character All Might from the My Hero Academia anime.

Three All Might Supply Drops in Fortnite
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