Throughout your adventure in Hyrule in the Zelda TOTK, you’ll come across beautiful cherry blossom tree locations with a small offering basket near the base.

These cherry blossom trees are nice to look at, but they also provide Link with some valuable information when used correctly.

If players give these trees the right offering, they’ll unveil the location of every cave in the region. There are eight different cherry blossom tree locations for players to find in Zelda TOTK, and we’re here to help pinpoint them all.

All Cherry Blossom Tree Locations

Players will come across all eight cherry blossom trees in Zelda TOTK at the following locations and coordinates:

  1. Hyrule Ridge (-2296, -0340, 0350)
  2. Hyrule Field (0316, 0538, 0022)
  3. Gerudo Canyon (-2310, -2156, 0250)
  4. Faron Grasslands (0805, -3502, 0057)
  5. Lanaryu Great Spring (2529, -0009, 0143)
  6. East Neculda (3356, -2483, 0280)
  7. Tabantha Frontier (-4049, 1693, 0198)
  8. Eldin Mountains (1244, 2956, 0418)

Players can interact with these Cherry Blossoms Trees to summon Satori, a spirit creature that shines beams of light over all the cave entrances in the area.

Since each region has one Cherry Blossom that they can use to summon Satori, players can find the locations of all the caves in Hyrule using this method.

This is helpful for anyone looking to find hidden treasures and other items in these secret cave locations.

Hyrule Ridge Cherry Blossom

Hyrule Ridge Cherry Blossom Location TOTK
Source: umbra

Players will find the Hyrule Ridge Cherry Blossom Tree at the very top of Satori Mountain, west of the Sonapan Shrine.

  • Coordinates: -2296, -0340, 0350
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Sonapan Shrine

Hyrule Field Cherry Blossom

Hyrule Fields Cherry Blossom Locations
Source: umbra

The Hyrule Field Cherry Blossom Tree is located in the middle of the grassy plains east of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins, near the Yamiyo Shrine.

  • Coordinates: 0316, 0538, 0022
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Yamiyo Shrine

Gerudo Canyon Cherry Blossom

Gerudo Canyon Cherry Blossom Location TOTK
Source: umbra

Players will find the Gerudo Canyon Cherry Blossom Tree north of Spectacle Rock, near the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

  • Coordinates: -2310, -2156, 0250
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower

Faron Grasslands Cherry Blossom

Faron Grasslands TOTK Cherry Blossom Location
Source: umbra

The Faron Grasslands Cherry Blossom Tree is found east of Haran Lake and the Highland Stable, near the Utsushok Shrine.

  • Coordinates: 0805, -3502, 0057
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Utsushok Shrine

Lanaryu Great Spring Cherry Blossom

Lanaryu Great Spring Cherry Blossom TOTK Location
Source: umbra

Players will find the Lanarya Great Spring Cherry Blossom Tree in the northwest area of the Zodobon Highlands, near the Tukarok Shrine.

  • Coordinates: 2529, -0009, 0143
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Tukarok Shrine

East Neculda Cherry Blossom

East Neculda Cherry Blossom Location TOTK
Source: umbra

The East Neculda Cherry Blossom Tree is found at the base of Ebon Mountain, southwest of Zanmik Shrine.

  • Coordinates: 3356, -2483, 0280
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Zanmik Shrine

Tabantha Frontier Cherry Blossom

Tabantha Frontier Cherry Blossom Location TOTK
Source: umbra

Players will find the Tabantha Frontier Cherry Blossom Tree location in Passer Hill, west of Rito Village.

  • Coordinates: -4049, 1693, 0198
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Gatakis Shrine

Eldin Mountains Cherry Blossom

Eldin Mountains Cherry Blossom TOTK
Source: umbra

The Eldin Mountains Cherry Blossom Tree is found east of the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, near Death Mountain.

  • Coordinates: 1244, 2956, 0418
  • Closest Fast Travel Point: Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower

How to Use Cherry Blossom Tree to Summon Satori

Players will need to offer fruit to the small stone altar found at the base of the Cherry Blossom Tree to summon Satori and reveal the location of all the caves in the region.

Once the beam of light shows you the way to the cave, it will not disappear until a full day and night cycle has progressed.

Hold the fruit from your inventory and then drop it at the altar. You’ll hear noise after doing this correctly, and the camera will pan toward Satori.

Fruit Offering Cherry Blossom TOTK

The easiest fruit to use is an Apple due to how common it is. Once the player has offered up the fruit, Satori will appear and reveal all the cave entrances in the region using beams of light.

Cave Locations TOTK

The player needs to offer fruit. If you try to use other food or a vegetable, then Satori will not appear.

This gives players plenty of time to explore at least one or two of the caves in the region. You can repeat this as many times as you need to as well.

The light will still appear for caves you have already discovered, so remember which ones you already explored before you set out to find new ones.

Where to Find Cherry Blossom Tree Map in Hyrule

Players can find the map of all the cherry blossom trees in Hyrule by heading to the Outskirts Stable in the southern region of Hyrule Field.

Outskirts Stable TOTK

Once you head into the Outskirts Stable’s main building, you’ll see the Cherry Blossom map on the wall next to some empty frames.

Cherry Blossom Map in TOTK
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