The Matcha Pokemon Poltchageist is one of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s best new additions. Here’s how to catch it in the new expansion: The Teal Mask.

If you’re finally making your way into the Land of Kitakami, you’ll want to get your hands on one of the new Pokemon arriving in Scarlet & Violet.

Only those who have The Teal Mask DLC will be able to find Poltchageist, which is native to the traditional Japan-inspired area.

Where To Catch Poltchageist in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Poltchageist is exclusively found in the Land of Kitakami, The Teal Mask’s new map, on the southeast side of the map.

Where to Find Poltchageist in Pokemon Scarlet Violet Teal Mask

The Matcha Pokemon is found in bamboo groves, and you can easily find one in the grove on Reveler’s Road, immediately east of Mossui Town and south of Kitakami Hall.

Where to Catch Poltchageist

Poltchageist is a rare spawn but it’s easy enough to find by simply moving far enough away from the bamboo that you can no longer see nearby spawns.

This causes all Pokemon in the bamboo grove to despawn, resetting the creatures in the area for your next approach.

However, the Pokemon is extremely small and green, making it hard to spot in the surrounding grass. You’ll need to look closely to spot Poltchageist even when you’re up close!

Where to Find Poltchageist in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Poltchageist Catching Tips

  • Poltchageist is a Ghost/Grass-Type Pokemon, meaning that it’s weak to Poison and Steel attacks. On the other hand, it will resist Dark, Bug, and Fighting-Type moves.
  • Inflicting status effects such as sleep or paralysis can be highly effective when catching Poltchageist, as it often uses the move Memento to cause itself to immediately faint.
    • For this reason, Quick Balls are a good way to immediately catch Polchageist at the start of an encounter.
  • If you’re having trouble finding Poltchageist spawns, you can use Picnics to make sandwiches capable of raising your encounter rate with Ghost-type Pokemon.

What’s the Difference Between Artisan and Counterfeit Poltchageist?

The difference between Poltchageist’s Artisan and Counterfeit form is that the Artisan variant has a stamp of authenticity near its base.

Masterpiece Poltchageist in Pokemon Scarlet

In addition, Artisan Poltchageist requires a Masterpiece Teacup to evolve into Masterpiece Form Sinistcha.

On the other hand, Counterfeit Poltchageist requires an Unremarkable Teacup to evolve into Unremarkable Form Sinistcha.

There are no stat differences between the two Pokemon, but seeing as Artisan Poltchageist is allegedly 100 times rarer than its Counterfeit counterpart, catching the authentic Pokemon is a mark of pride for trainers.

How to Check If Poltchageist is Authentic or Counterfeit

There are several ways to check if your Poltchageist is authentic or counterfeit:

  • Check the Pokedex entry that pops up after catching the Pokemon. There, you’ll see either Artisan or Counterfeit Form, listed under its typing.
How to Tell Between Counterfeit and Masterpiece Poltchageist
  • Attempt to use a Masterpiece Teacup or Unremarkable Teacup on the Pokemon. If the Masterpiece item cannot be used with that Pokemon, it is a Counterfeit Poltchageist.
  • Bring out the Pokemon in a Picnic and angle the camera to see if it has a stamp of authenticity near its base.
Counterfeit Poltchageist in Pokemon Scarlet

Poltchageist Stats

Here are Poltchageist’s base stats in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

Sp. Attack54
Sp. Defense54

How to Evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha

To evolve an Artisan Poltchageist, players must use a Masterpiece Teacup on the Pokemon to evolve it into Masterpiece Form Sinistcha.

To evolve a Counterfeit Poltchageist, players must use an Unremarkable Teacup on the Pokemon to evolve it into Unremarkable Form Sinistcha.

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