Microsoft has revealed a brand-new wireless Xbox controller called the Lunar Shift Special Edition.

If you’re in the market to spruce up your Xbox controller collection, then you may want to check out the brand-new Lunar Shift Special Edition variant.

It comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, as well as a number of surreal and dreamlike cosmetic alterations to make it truly stand out.

This announcement of a brand new controller comes only days after it was revealed just how much Microsoft is making from Xbox Game Pass!

What Is the Xbox Wireless Controller – Lunar Shift Special Edition?

The Lunar Shift Special Edition Wireless Xbox Controller is a brand-new controller that changes color depending on the light.

It is the second in the Shift series – following on from the Aqua Shift Special Edition controller. It changes from gold to silver, depending on how the light hits it, which gives it “a stylized, smokey atmosphere”.

a pair of hands holding the Lunar Shift Wireless Xbox Controller

The Xbox controller also comes with rubberized gray and black swirl grips, which are unique to each one, as well as textured triggers, bumpers, and back case.

Microsoft has also partnered with the technology company Razer to create a unique Lunar Shift Quick Charging Stand.

This isn’t the only brand-new controller Microsoft has unveiled recently. You can also purchase the stylish White Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller – Core too!

Where to Buy the Xbox Wireless Controller – Lunar Shift Special Edition

You can buy the Lunar Shift Special Edition Wireless Xbox Controller from the following retailers in the USA, UK, and Canada:




We will update this article with additional retailers if the Lunar Shift Special Edition Controller becomes available from other stores
the Xbox logo on the Lunar Shift Wireless Controller

Where to Buy the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox – Lunar Shift

You can buy the Razer Lunar Shift Universal Quick Charging Stand from the following retailers:

Outside of Razer's own website, these other retailers don't currently stock the Lunar Shift model but are expected to very soon
the Lunar Shift Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand

If you want a brand-new Series X to go with your stylish new Lunar Shift controller, then be sure to ready yourself against those pesky scalpers.

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